May 15, 2018

It's demo day: indie project for cryptocurrency index investing!


we are two brothers, Agustin working as a freelancer and Santiago working for a Big Tech Corp.

We are giving a try at bootstrapping a small service following our interpretation of indie principles (prototype, measure, self-fund, grow!).

The background story: we have been playing/investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013 and now found a niche for a tool that we would gladly use, but there's none in the market and the technology is almost just right for it.

The first prototype is just ready to receive feedback at

Please be honest and tell us whatever you think, we can take direct honest feedback :)

Thanks a ton!

PS: no, we are not crypto gazillionaires!

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    Lately I have been following the same idea of indexing cryptos across different coins.

    So far my list had only and I am adding this to my list as well :)

    The website is clean, but the logo gives me a sense that something is loading :D

    Consider launching it on ProductHunt. Good luck!

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      We think BBX has a much broader use case than ours.

      We would like to specifically focus on the casual investor that understands general investment (maybe holds stocks or ETFs), has heard of cryptocurrencies but doesn't want to spend a lot of time researching what to buy. Buying the index exposes them to crypto and distributes the risk.

      We will launch in Product Hunt, but would like to have a functional product cycle first. Do you think we should still do it without having a working "BUY" button?

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        I think the product cycle should complete first.

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    Completely agree with the idea - indexing a set $ amount of crypto in each month makes tons of sense - best of luck, the site looks good!

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are glad to hear this idea makes sense to others :) Out of curiosity, have you used Metamask or Ledger/Trezor wallets? Have you bought any cryptocurrency?

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    Count me in!!! Been looking for a while for something like this. Ill test it when I arrive home :).

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are still building (it's not fully functional yet!) and are looking to validate this idea/design and learn from the prototype. Will keep you posted!

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        Ohh, than let me know when its working and tested.

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    it's me, the other brother.

    I wanted to describe a bit our vision and call again for feedback!

    Currently, index-investment in crypto currencies/tokens involves intermediaries an someone holding your funds and limiting the tokens you can buy. There's no option to buy $50 a month worth of the top 20 tokens.

    We are trying to build that vision using decentralized exchange technology and allow people to completely self-manage their funds (we will at no point hold them) with the lowest fee possible.

    There's a few companies trying to do this, but they have taken the ICO approach, issuing a new currency but we don't believe this makes sense for such a use case.

    Thanks again!


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      Do you have any simulation / historical data of your index's performance? Also what's your pricing model? percentage, flat, mixed?

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        Thanks for your questions!

        We have historical pricing data but don't have any visualization.

        Regarding "our" index, we are quite hesitant to recommend a specific set of tokens/coins because it's a tricky art. We are thinking about having two types of indexes when we fully launch:

        • top X tokens by market capitalization, where X could be 10, 20 and 50 for example, and we define a methodology how we update, how often, etc.

        • the best performing user built index, where we have the distributions the users have created and track which are the best performing ones so far

        Regarding pricing, we are thinking two ways which we would like to validate through talking with our potential customer:

        • If we can get away using decentralized exchanges, then just charge the minimum fee built into the protocol. We don't want that users have to pay our fee + the decentralized protocol fee.

        • If we cannot do that, then we would probably go for a % fee

        Do you have any advice/experience on pricing model? Would you buy an index we show you in a chart that is the best performing for the last X months?

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          Nice, an index (of any algo) seems like a great product to combat the FUD around specific coins and I'd assume there's a good pool of potential customers that don't even know about the concept.

          Regarding pricing, I'd be happy to spend ~$2/m fixed fee with maybe an additional 0.1%/rebalance on profits above US$100.