January 7, 2019

It's now just a bit cheaper and easier to get started on your project

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    This is nice, but I'm still gonna stick with gitlab for their integrated CI and trello-like boards.

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    Yay! I now have $10 extra a month!

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    Nice. This kept me from using GitHub for a long time.

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    Wondering who broke the embargo.

    As for the news, sorry GitHub but I’m not just gonna go and transfer all my private repos from BitBucket. Should’ve implemented this long ago.

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      Little bizz opportunity here? ☝️

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        What do you mean? A migration tool?

        Migrating is as easy as three git commands (remove remote origin, add another origin, push), I think. I mean, I’ve just grown comfortable with using BitBucket for the need. After all it’s just a remote repo I rarely even look into.

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    Nothing is free. You will have to sell your soul ;)

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    Looks like they moved up the announcement. Edited original post to reflect.


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    This is great news. Just downgraded!

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    That saves me $10 a month, very handy.

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    Awesome! much needed for the solo developers. haha

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    Hmm, thinking whether to switch from BitBucket or not... Only reason I decided to use it when deploying to DigitalOcean was the private repo

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    Smart move. After the Microsoft acquisition, their primary focus has shifted from profitability to growth.

    I actually migrated away from Github to Gitlab a few years ago specifically due to this issue. Gitlab has offered free unlimited private repos for years.

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    I just upgraded my GitHub account yesterday for the private repos haha

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      Hahaha, did you pay?

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        Yep, sure did. And I downgraded back to a free account a few hours ago. A small gift from myself to GitHub.

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      My account was soon to renew, so then we are even. Thank you!

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