January 9, 2019

I've created a customer support system for my SaaS with AirTable + Zapier

Hi everyone!

I've been writing this post for a while, it's something I really wanted to share. I've setup a fully functioning customer support system powered by AirTable and Zapier: https://www.boxysuite.com/blog/free-customer-support

It's not the easiest thing to setup, but I think that lots of indie makers out there could benefit from something like this.

While it's initially free, even with hundreds of tickets per month, this setup would cost only $30/m, also unlocking countless other workflows enabled by AirTable + Zapier.

I've love to know what you think!

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    Great solution and great post Fabrizio! Thanks for sharing! We are building Ambissues, which is not a tool you need right now but I hope that your solution will not scale that well for Issue tracking and counting and you'll come to us :D Just kidding!

    However, the post is very useful for us, because I did not know about AirTable at all, not to mention its the Bug Tracker template.

    Quick Question: How many feedbacks do you get on avg per day/week?

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      30-40 per week

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    Looks great. I also love the post. I think a lot of makers could benefit from this setup.

    Airtable rocks, but the UI is 'rigid' which is why we've been building Budibase for a year now.

    I think you might be interested in it. Signup and I'll send you an email when we launch if you're interested.




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    That's great! I'm frequently trying to impress on people that you can often bootstrap solutions to your problems for little to nothing using existing tools, especially Zapier.

    It's not clear to me from your post whether you are paying the ~$30/mo right now.

    I'd be curious as you scale up how you view the tradeoffs between managing this solution and something like a pro HelpScout plan which is also ~$30/mo.

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      I should have made it more clear, we ARE paying that now, but also because we're doing all sorts of stuff with these tools. I hope I'll have time to write about it!