June 13, 2018

July 4th: Indie Hackers Switzerland Meetup #1

The first Indie Hackers Switzerland Meetup is taking place in central Zurich on July 4th at 7pm.

There will be 1-2 short talks by successful entrepreneurs on how they found product/market fit and acquired their first customers, followed by networking drinks and snacks. In case you're worried about the language barrier, we'll try and stick to English.

If you're in or near Zurich then, I'd love to meet you!

P.S. @csallen / @channingallen - do we get Stripe/IH swag? ;)

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    P.S. @csallen / @channingallen - do we get Stripe/IH swag? ;)

    We're actually working on this but won't have anything for you by July! 馃槓

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      No worries - I'll just hand out some of these instead :P

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    Hi Louis, Thanks for organising this meetup! Looking forward to meeting you all