January 11, 2019

Know a freelancer or an agency who is an expert at SaaS web design?

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a freelancer or web design agency who has really good expertise in designing a website for a SaaS product (just the front facing site i.e. homepage, pricing page, product feature pages). I already have an existing live website, so I am open to either a re-design or starting from scratch.

I have always done the web design/development myself however I am looking for someone who can really understand the product and communicate it's value effectively through good content, graphics and design.

Must have experience in other SaaS products so they have a good understanding of factors that can boost conversion such as call to actions, using the right colours, trust elements etc..

I have already tried and used a few marketplaces like 99designs however I find that most of the designers there are pure UI designers and don't have too much understanding of a SaaS product website.

I have a decent budget in mind, happy do discuss it further.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Let me suggest you do a basic design and don't spend too much money. I say this since the best of the agencies have a 40% success rate. Let me explain. Testing with users in the real world with enough traffic will bring you baseline data. You need to test several approaches and get your data. Only after theses tests, the data will tell you what design you need. The page copy can be more important than the layout, images, ect. Hire a good direct marketing copy writer.

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      Thanks for the info, that's interesting to know the success rate of agencies. Have you used many before?

      My SaaS has been running for 3 years now and have done several iterations of the site with the major one about 7 months ago. This major iteration resulted in 5x growth however I am looking for another 2x growth this year which I believe is possible by taking the website up to the next level and better explaining the product.

      I have decent size list of requirements that need to go into the design of the website after watching / reading about other SaaS companies.

      Agree, copyrighting can make a big difference and part of this process will involve bringing on a good copy writer.

      Thanks for the info, appreciate it :)

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    Jhmediagroup.com is a good one to check out. They are expensive, but have launched a lot of their own SaaS companies and know the design, development, and business side of SaaS.

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      Thank you, I will check them out!

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    Hi ,

    I am Varun George. Please take a look at www.fenixdevs.com


    Varun George

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      www.fenixdevs.com looks great, I will get in touch with them.

      You have the same first name as me, haha, not a very common name!

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        That's great!

        Use this email to contact fenixdevs@gmail.com

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    We’re an agency who focuses largely on b2b saas, primarily ones going through early and mid stages of funding in the Bay Area. Would love to chat and find out if we are a good fit. UpTrending.com. I’m Josh

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    Hey Varunr

    I would happily help with this.

    Recent sites:

    All the best!

    P.S. We can do copywriting too!

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    Are you looking for web design only or development too?

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      Ideally both, i am a dev myself however I don't have the time to work on the website as I need to focus on the product.

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    Hello Varunr,

    I work with a collective of developers. Personally I'm primarily a frontend developers. While working fulltime, I helped build many web apps for startups and currently working on http://brium.africa/dev/ my personal website is here https://vicslinq.bitbucket.io/victor/


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    Hey @varunr

    Happy to help, I run a design studio called Dice Studios ( http://dicestudios.co/ ). I'll be able to do the design and coding as well.

    Happy to have a chat if your interested.

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      Looks great, I like your monthly pricing model as I believe this will be an iterative process over 6 months. I will get in touch with you shortly.

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        Sure. Happy to have a chat.

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      thank you, Song Box looks great!

      I will check out Craig's services

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      Cheers, he has done some good work.

      Your site BudiBase looks sweet and interesting product as well, I will check it out.

      Thanks again for the suggestion, I will get in touch with Joe