January 9, 2019

Launch day numbers for my new side project

Hi everyone! Yesterday I launched my new side project, https://frequently.io/ (a super easy and free way to create an FAQ page for your project or company). I thought you might want a quick recap of some of the numbers. I can dive into more if you have any specific questions!

-109 Product Hunt upvotes

-449 site visitors

-15 new free users

-$0 MRR

-Made 4 edits to the app (mainly copy) based on user feedback

This is my first side project in a few years and I plan on running it with transparency like many others have been doing.

There's still a lot to do and I will spend the rest of the week working with the early users to get candid feedback and help them get fully set up.

If you have any questions about the numbers, about Frequently, about my plans, etc. just leave a comment!

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    2nd day update:

    Up to 34 new users off of an additional 260 visitors.

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    Hi Ryan! Congrats on the successful launch! It seems like a very useful product, I am not aware of the competition, but I certainly like your style and openness about the launch!

    Just a quick question: How did you manage User Feedback? At first, how did you collect it? With 449 site visitors within 2 days and 15 new signups, I guess feedback included more than 1-2 items.

    (Disclaimer: I am interested in this since @ Ambissues we have been trying to prioritize captured user feedback for new (and seasoned) founders and product teams.)

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      I did a lot of it via Twitter, actually. It wasn't the easiest to track but it worked for a day 1 approach.

      I also have a contact form on the FAQs, so I got a few inbound messages on the faq.frequently.io one which was easy to handle.

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    Nice one Ryan.

    Quick one, is displaying just one line of [FAQ] answer intentional? Personally, I'd prefer to read the answers within the same page to avoid having to open many pages. This makes it easier to go through the FAQ at once. If you are worried about long text, you can collapse the long ones and allow clicking to expand it. Or maybe display single-paragraph answers within the same page and let the longer ones open in new pages.

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      Yeah it was intentional but I definitely see your point.

      I like the expand/collapse approach as a way to deal with questions that might end up being much longer than the average.

      Noted! Thanks :)

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      At a second look, why are you selling this as for FAQ? Why not as a knowledge base/wiki?

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        Also for this... it sort of mentions both on the landing page but I see it as more a simplistic FAQ approach as opposed to knowledge bases with tagging/search/etc.

        However, as we grow and add things like Search and Categories, I think the branding/messaging will sort of mesh more into the knowledge base area.

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    I like the minimalist look though but it needs a little more work I think. Some design feedback if that's useful:

    • Use more whitespace. Increase the line height a little of the body text, move the title heading further down from the slant, more whitespace inside buttons etc.

    • I'm not keen on the colour palette. I would just take an existing one that works well together and make the body text a little lighter.

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      Thank you!

      Not a fan of the purple or the light blue/green at the bottom?

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        I'm not sure, it might just be the shades being used. I would try paler shades and text that takes on the colour of the background slightly in places. Unless you love web design though you're best just taking a theme or pre-existing palette (e.g. Material design) because you can tweak and explore this stuff endlessly.

        Hope that's helpful. I just think for an FAQ you want the typography and colours to be close to perfect because there's not a lot of visuals going on otherwise. It can also make you trust the site more and make you more willing to part with money.

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    Number of visitors seems low? Did you post late into the (PH) day?

    Also be sure to reach out to those new users by (personal) email–ask feedback!

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      It was posted around 9 AM CST - so not early but definitely not late.

      It did spend most of the morning bouncing between being above the "Show x more" fold and below before finally settling above it by one spot. I think this definitely affected it.

      And yes - definitely going to be sending a personal email to each signup while the signups are still low. I imagine this will be the most genuine and effective feedback I'll receive and will also hopefully establish some solid connections with a few early users/customers.

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    Nice idea! Have you done anything specific to prepare for PH launch?

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      The only real planning I did for the Product Hunt launch was pick a day I wanted to post it.

      I knew I didn't want to submit it on a weekend as their is generally lower traffic. I picked a Tuesday mainly because it would give me time throughout the rest of the week to communicate with users and implement feedback.

      Just make sure you're somewhat free the day you submit to PH so that you're available for any questions or issues that pop up!

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    Nice, I like the idea, simple and practical.

    What comes to my mind is customizability, can users style it to match their brands? I also like the landing copy.

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      Thank you!

      Right now the only customization is the ability to upload your logo and change the primary colors or the questions, links, buttons, etc.

      In the future, I plan to have custom CSS options for the premium $10/month plan.