September 14, 2018

Launched a side project - i have a few questions!

Hi all

I am looking to get some website feedback as well as some idea of the MVP I am building. Currently it's in prelaunch so feel free to critique and let me know what you think could be improved!

The website is - basic concept is an ondemand service to get feedback and opinions quickly.

My second question is around the actual MVP. I have read a lot of posts on IH and it seems like the go to is something simple yet does the job. I am thinking in this case would it be viable to simply charge people a certain amount of money and then for us to manually source feedback for them and hand it back in a spreadsheet? My worry is the trustworthy factor? Thoughts?

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    Could definitely work, but it could be tough to gain traction (it's a marketplace idea).

    Based in Malaysia, is doing well in this space: (also Enterprises want to get feedback, Vase connects them to users and targeted user groups. Users get paid to fill up surveys.

    But IMO, not much money to be made for the user. There has to be some other "hook" you need to think about.

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      Hey this is awesome feedback - thanks for sharing! The hook is definitely my concern for the user. I am thinking of potentially figuring out some partnerships with some brands to offer discounts and incentives as an alternative reward. In return they'd be able to market themselves to users in the 'reward' store'.

      Thanks again!