November 25, 2018

Launched Twiverse 2 days ago, made $435, 9K views & 900 registered users

This was absolutely crazy.

Let me begin by sharing some of my background. I am an 18 year old girl who has been working on products & designing for several years now. Prior to this, I had built 4 products within 2018, all of which were quite successful (#1, #2 and #3 in Product Hunt, and another one making $250 in revenue).

Now, about The platform is a place where you can discover diverse users to follow, belonging to minorities and underprivileged groups, but it's also really handy for finding any kind of user, based on keywords (on their bio, username or name), interests (with over 40 different categories), background, language, number of followers, gender... In this sense, not only it lets people have a more diverse feed, but it also lets users grow their followers by adding their profile, and making the discovery process that Twitter failed with much easier.


2 days ago I posted Twiverse in Product Hunt, at the same time that I made a tweet to promote my website around together with a quick video I had put together the day before. Just an hour after publishing it, my notifications were flooded with retweets and likes, and in my inbox, I saw 2 sales for my Patron program, making a total of $30. By the end of the day, I made $280, thanks to a sponsor purchase ($250) from Owen Williams and the coverage of the platform made through tweets from people such as Ryan Hoover, several PH team members, lots of friends of mine and several other startup founders, interested people, and even minorities who were happy that I had created such a website. I had just ~400 users by that point, and I was really happy with its success, with 4K total views.


Yesterday though, it was absolutely insane. I randomly decided to post the product in HackerNews, not thinking much of it, and just telling a couple of people that I had funnily posted it there, just to get it over with. As it turns out though, somehow the post got not only in the frontpage of Show HN (#2), but in the main homepage, ~#10 in the beginning and ending at #20, with >70 points and 65 comments. This was obviously a huge boost for my platform, which by the end of the day had made $435 with 12 patron sales and 1 sponsor, 900 users, and over 9K total views.

I will be writing an in-depth article about its creation, more analytics and data, and the future plans for it. For the time being, feel free to check out the mighty, & feel free to share any feedback in regards to it! I'm happy to answer any questions as well.

Thanks! 💙💜

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    I misread the title as “Launched Twiverse 2 days ago, made $435, 900 ”.

    Still a fantastic launch though 😉

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      lol same!

    2. 2

      I was like woah, but still great launch.

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      me too :-)

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      Yeah apologizes for that. Might re-write it to make it a bit less confusing haha. Thanks!

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        How did you make that promo video? Cool product :)

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          Made it with Adobe After Effects. Thanks!

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          This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Me too! Still great story. Keep up the good work

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    "$435, 900"

    You are good at marketing :)

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      Yeah rip you're the third person to point it out, I just wanted to have a ton of data at once in this title and it turned out that way. My bad

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        I'm not judging tho, it got my attention and made me check it out, and its a good product. Respect!

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          Thanks! Indeed I still consider it a lot personally for 2 days with a $15 monthly subscription system (technically MRR!)

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    Such a cool and much needed product. The reception it got and the fact that you already have patrons shows how well it resonated with people. What's next on the roadmap for you?

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      Thanks Anne-Laure! I'll have to spend a lot of time fixing little things here and there, adding more filters and accomodating the sudden user increase, to make it even easier to find Twitter users.

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    Very cool project! Nice to see it's growing steadily. Great job and keep it up! 🤗

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      Thanks a lot! I am certainly surprised it did so well, I guess that means I'll have to keep working hard on it, implementing new features & taking into account its growth.

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    Awesome work! I'm really looking forward to know the creation story 😜

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    hoooly moly that's incredible!! And all your stuff is also super high quality. Definitely following you.

    Curious: what stack are you using in the back to make it happen?

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      Thank you so much, wow!

      As I said in another comment here:

      I made this project in particular using PHP/HTML, CSS, Js (with jQuery & obvs AJAX) w/ a MySQL database, hosted in a DigitalOcean droplet & managed through ServerPilot.

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        wow that's incredible, shows you don't need to over-engineer a successful project with React and webpack and all that nonsense.

        Are you going to focus your time around Twiverse now, or are you stepping back a bit to take it all in / and then figure out if you want this to be your company or not? I see so many opportunities from here

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          I will keep managing it but I might not add not features on the following weeks because I have a few more projects to launch before the end of 2018

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    ❤️ the design 🤙 love the HKGroteskRegular & HKGroteskBold combo 🌈

    What is your stack? What frameworks did you use (apart from Twitter API).

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      Thanks! I made this project in particular using PHP/HTML, CSS, Js (with jQuery & obvs AJAX) w/ a MySQL database, hosted in a DigitalOcean droplet & managed through ServerPilot.

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    Absolutely love the idea. What I like best, though, is the fact that you addressed Jack Dorsey directly in your launch tweet. Way to go, keep up the good work!

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      Thanks! And yeah, that was a bit of a stunt :P

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    Fantastic work!

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      Thanks a lot ^^ Quite proud of it

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    S u p e r !

    Keep growing. You are a rockstar. Following you.

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      Thanks ♥️

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    I had the same experience with HN.. my Product Hunt tanked but HN took the day. I would have been super depressed about the whole thing if it wasn't for HN loving my app so much.

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      Interesting. This is actually the first time it has happened to me.

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    Great job! Good hustle and keep up the good work!

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      Thanks! I'll try to keep people excited and engaged, but I think the stakes are high ^^

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    Amazing product, and it looks very nice as well!

    **Congratulations! **

    I believe you are in a very good start and if you keep learning from your users and developing new tools, you will have a long and sustainable business.

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      Thank you!

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    Really interesting project. Congratulations!

    Wish you good luck :)

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      Thank you so much!

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    Can you add "real estate" for me? :-)

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      Might add more categories in the future ^^

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    Great! :-)

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    What do you think about allowing the brands to contact with people via Twiverse?

    such platforms exists only for "popular" Twitter users but might be a nice idea for minotities too.

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      Interesting. If you read in the header of the website, it mentions being able to receive "speaker opportunities", but it certainly could be used for jobs, or even promotions. I did initially want to add a job board for this purpose, but what you mention I did actually not take into consideration. Might have to introduce a business plan to allow them to massively search for users fitting their criteria, thanks for the idea!

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    A super cool project, crafted with care. You absolutely deserve these results 😊

    I can't wait to read the in-depth article!

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      Thank you! I will get to writing it soon, but I want to wait until I have enough data :)

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        I sit and wait for your in-depth article =)) love to see Twiverse is growing.

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    This is awesome! Super inspiring to those of us that are just starting as well (which is part of the point of this site? haha).

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    Wow greats!

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    Great product Toni. Congrats!

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      Thank you!

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    btw, you remember topsy? I miss topsy...

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      I was thinking same thing.