July 11, 2018

Let me give you feedback on your landing page!

I realized that it's very difficult to look through the eyes of a new user when refining landing pages.

That being said, I refined the message on mentorcruise.com many many times and always have a list of to-dos on what to improve next, so I'd like to think that I got quite good at it.

If you are a fresh product with a landing page, let me take a look and tell you what I'd do better.

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    Give me a look! tl;dr for video game news: http://thisisagame.email/

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    Hi Dominic. Check our landing page. Current aim to get more people to "Request demo"


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      Really looks like you refined this one a few times.

      You have a clear messsage, design is okay and the call to action is clear. Off the bat, I don't see too much that could be optimized.

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        Thankyou for your feedback :)

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    Hi Dominic! Please check my landing and SPA for people who looking for FullStack Interview Q&A:


    Do you think I need to redesign the UVP to be more Material?

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      Yeah the site looks a bit sales funnel-y, but overall it's okay.

      You should definitely make the topics with a mouse hover effect. The fact that you can add stuff to a PDF is nice as well.

      Design-wise, it's most of the times not a good idea to have a full-screen background image, so modernizing the design is the only improvement I can see for this

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        Thanks for the feedback Dominic! You are a champion!

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    Cheers Dominic. Let me know what you think.


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      Design-wise it's not the greatest. I can scroll horizontally on a smaller screen and there are a lot 'blocks of text' which I mentally just ignore, so I'm missing information.

      You do a great job listing all your features, but that's not what a landing page should do. Concentrate on the benefits of your product first, and add your features as a point to support these claims

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    I hope I'm not too late:


    Compensation for the insurance industry.

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      Hm, I just get an infinite loading screen

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        What? That... doesn't make sense. Let me check Hotjar. Mind letting me know the browser / OS?

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          Version 11.1 of Safari + 67.0 of Chrome, both on macOS

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    Thanks Dominic!

    My landing page is https://www.chainoftrust.io

    Goal: recruit beta users

    Offer: 5 licenses free for 6 months for participation

    The pitch: Configure, orchestrate, and monitor any machine from anywhere.

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      I think I'm just not your target audience. I literally didn't understand anything on your landing page

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        Thanks for the response Dominic! The page is intended for people who have experience working in DevOps with tools such as docker, kubernetes, chef, jenkins, puppet, splunk, ELK, etc.

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          Hm, I do use Docker quite a bit and also have experience with Jenkins, yet I don't really get what your product exactly does.

          I think you need to stop concentrating on the technical details (we engineers like to do that) and start thinking about the benefits of your product. I just don't get what your Iron platform is doing, what Chain of Trust has to do with it, how I can use it, how much it costs....

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            Thank you for the feedback. You are absolutely right that some of that is unclear. The goal is to recruit beta users to help us define some of the benefits. It is free to use the beta. The goal of the platform is to create one tool that covers all of the functionality a software operator would need during a normal day.

            Do you think we would have a higher conversion rate if we added a section dedicated to the use cases?

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              Definitely. Even though it is a Devtool, I'd turn a little back on the technical keywords. It might turn off a lot of people who might even have a use case for this.

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                Thank you for the insights, I will make some changes today. I appreciate the help!

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    Many thanks, Dominic.

    I've just created https://www.travelseo.co.uk and would love some feedback.

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      I think nowadays people are smart enough to detect and ignore sales funnel sites, you'll need to get more creative.

      As soon as I see a 'FREE' in all caps, I just close the window.

      Also, you have three customers listed that you did SEO for, but what are the results? I have personally never heard of them. I'm sure they are not on Page 1 if I google 'Travel', so how did they do before, what did you improve, where are they now?

      You need to gain my attention right when I land on your page and not just try to harvest my email with a FREE SEO audit.

      Also, when I google 'Travel SEO' you should definitely be somewhere on Page 1. Currently https://seotravel.co.uk is winning.

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        Hi Dominic, thanks for the valuable feedback.

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    Thank you! it's not so "fresh" but we can use your opinion, since we never refined it much: https://wiseorchard.com

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      Definitely looks a little dated, but this might not be too bad with your audience. It definitely has a 'as seen on TV' flare to it, which might not be particularly bad.

      The big question here for me was the price. You didn't specify it anywhere on your page. I personally didn't click Buy Now, just because I didn't know what would happen. There should be a price there and a friendly warning on where I get redirected.

      It looks pretty good though. The testimonials are a bit silly. You would usually add a image of the person there and also a qualification (e.g. professional gardener, flower lover, ...). Without that, it looks like you say 'Bob thinks it's pretty good'. Who is Bob? Nobody knows.

      If you do want to freshen up your page, I'd start with the fonts on your main landing area.

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    Hi Dominic, this is very kind of you. Would love assistance.


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      This is a little bit of a strange page design. You basically waste your whole initial above-the-fold area to show me a big ass version of your logo.

      Use this space to make me excited about your project. After some scrolling I get that this is supposed to be a discussion app, but I should know right away.

      I'd suggest to just delete this, and start over with a landing page generator (landen.co is very good and you get 3 sites for free).

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        Added some updates, please provide feedback. Am I going the right way here? What needs change? What content would you want to see?

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        Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I'm going to make substantial changes and will post an update here.

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      Adding with Dominic , You can choose this template https://themefisher.com/products/small-apps-free-app-landing-page-template . And this one is also free .


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    This is in the validation/pre-launch stage!


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      I think I'm not your target audience at all, since I don't use Alexa. I suppose Flashbriefing and Skills would be something I know if I was using Alexa. If that's not the case, you should do a better job explaining it.

      You don't have a lot of content, and the one you have is very vague. I read this ad a few days where it stated 'XY is a Software Engineer. He works on solutions and products'. Your copy has the same vagueness.

      You talk about your features and use very generic words (See, Share, Get). Instead, try talking about the benefits. What benefit do I have from this?

      Since you are using Landen, also add some more content pieces, such as the FAQ section and the contact section.

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    Hi Dominic,

    https://phot-awe.com/test-carousel/ - just on the carousel please - I will integrate it in a big on the main page. Thanks!

    P.S. The pitch will be "The Fastest way to manage your 25K+ Photo Collection"

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      Hey! We talked about your Reddit ad a few days ago already.

      Never ever do Youtube autoplay please. My browser blocks this so your video is corrupted and bad on my screen.

      It is definitely nice to see your application in action and I get it a lot more now. But I think you should integrate this as a muted background video on your landing page.

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        Hi Dominic,

        Indeed we did! Thanks for the feedback, what i have here is the next iteration. I'm not sure what video you saw, the carousel should show 5 videos. Please note that all of these videos don't have any sound. So even if they show that the video is not muted, it doesn't have sound. I will look to see if I can actually mute the videos. So, did you get to look at the five 20-second videos, or the main video on my main page?

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          My point is that you shouldn't embed Youtube videos on your main page. Upload them to your own server and let them run on loop somewhere in the background.

          To be honest, they are just not exciting enough to put in the spotlight, but they give a good idea on how the tool looks like and behaves. I'd much rather have a description and the benefits of it on the main site and the video in the back.

          Also, look into some Bootstrap 4 template. You have a fresh app, but your site looks dated and not modern.

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            I would definitely upload them on my server, but that would mean creating a player for them - that's definitely out of my budget for now.

            Well, it's a photo viewer app, and I want to "show, not tell". Thanks for the feedback!

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              HTML5 has a video player, it's really not that difficult. And realistically, people just like reading more (and it is also better for SEO)

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                Will look into HTML5 video player.

                About "people like reading more" - I don't wanna contest that, but do you have something to back this statement?

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                  I'm not really looking to search for stats to back that right now, but there is a reason that there aren't videos on the best landing pages out there. It's just not a medium that is suitable for getting to know each other. I'm expecting something like this when I dive deeper into your product.

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                    The point is that your advice contradicts what advice I got from others on exactly the same issue -> and they specifically said I should do slides. Anyway, I guess A/B testing will tell.

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                      Sure, would love to see the results :)

                      I personally would prefer to have a nice presentation of your product, rather than a video of you clicking through it. Also remember that most browsers will start blocking autoplay and mine already does, so your video mostly stands still and getting someone to click on it is an additional hurdle.

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    https://fullservice.co/ - what are your thoughts?

    FullService offers premium marketing and design services for a flat fee monthly fee.

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      Oh, one of our many marketing productized services :) Good luck.

      You have an SSL issue. I can't access your page.

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        We just moved the website to different hosting, which caused the SSL issues.

        It should be fixed now 🙂

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          Now it's just down for me :)

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            Hmm, that's weird. Do you see an error or do you see nothing at all?

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              This site can’t provide a secure connection

              fullservice.co uses an unsupported protocol.


              (On chrome and safari)

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                Thanks for the quick reply. Can you access the website in incognito mode or after emptying your browser cache?

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                  Tried it on a fresh browser, same thing

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                    It was a CDN issue. The website should be live now.

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      Your page doesn't load for me, I only see a green background (Safari)

      1. 1

        Can you try again... I changed it to no fade in.

        Otherwise try chrome

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          There it is, but it takes a few seconds.

          I hate clicking, I don't mind scrolling. I actually had to take two tries to get through the whole thing, just because I got annoyed halfway through.

          Your landing page seems to be a technical demo. If so, fine. If you are trying to attract some sort of customer, this is not okay. You'd have to redo the whole thing, concentrating on the benefits of using this system, rather than the technical details.

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    Thanks, Dominic.

    Just created https://horuzon.com and would love some feedback.

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      Definitely something different but I like the style of it. It is definitely not the standard style of a landing page like Mehedi said, but I don't see a problem with that.

      This honestly looks pretty good to me. Your message is clear and you don't need to advertise the benefits of it any more.

      One thing I'd do is to move the registration buttons up near the top. I nearly missed them. Also, I'm always a little hesitant to give unknown people my google or fb credentials. Add an email registration.

      1. 1

        Moved the registration buttons and added the option to sign up with email. Thank you for the feedback!

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      Hello ,

      Your product is an extension for amazon . Quite interesting idea . But the presentation is not that great . There is no logo there is no footer there is not header . It seems more like a pdf doc than a landing page . Few months back I got a website which is almost similar to your idea. https://www.joinhoney.com . Check their presentation . How they define their idea and everything. Hope this one help you.

      1. 2

        Thanks, Mehedi. I agree the landing page is not very usual, but I think it's very clear what the site does, so not sure if not having a header/footer is really a problem.

        Honey's landing page looks great indeed, I think I can use it as inspiration to improve a few things. Cheers.

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    My landing page is https://sitebot.ai

    For MentorCruise I'd suggest you use only a single call-to-action over the cover image, you have empty space on the sign up page to briefly explain how your product works while a new user is signing up.

    1. 2

      I think the design works for the target audience. You are selling a technical product to technical people. The site has a sophisticated look, as if it has been around for a while, which creates trust. Basecamp for example is using the same thing. They could have updated their design a long time again, but use the old style for their advantage.

      You have a very interesting stat hidden on the bottom of your page: 'Sitebot tests ran: 11736'. That's a huge number! If I were you, I'd put that above the fold. People are using your tool, everybody should know.

      The only improvement I see right away is your pricing table, it's boring and confusing. The first thing I should see is the price. When I get to the price, I see two of them. The original price should be small, with the new price big and bold. You should have a colorful label there, 'Beta, 50% off!'. Also. $24.50 is a ugly number. Just round up to $25, it's fine.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback and calling the design sophisticated! I'm not a great designer, so the look is more coincidence than planned.

        I hid the tests ran number there when it was lower, should probably move it elsewhere.

        Now that you mention, the pricing table is confusing and plain.

        1. 1

          I don't like the plan name "Peace of Mind" - it doesn't incentivize the upgrade. Peace of mind should come when they are using everything your service provides!

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      Hello @qkls

      It seems that I am browsing a website in 2008 . There is huge scope to improve your design with your product story .

      1- You should add more menu items like contact , features , service , pricing . As your website is like onepage , you can make the navigation fixed in the top and when someone click on any menu item that will goes to that section .

      2- Video placement is not in a good position . Its hard to see what is happening in your video . I think increasing the size of the video section will help your user to watch the full demonstration.

      3- You should follow some good design to make the whole page more readable .


      1. 1

        Thanks for feedback! I know there are many things to improve and plan to get help on the design when I get the resources! I'm not sure if the menu items are beneficial when the site isn't very long vertically.

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    Hi Dominic. Thanks for your proposition. What do you think about https://noticeable.io ?

    1. 1

      That's a pretty nice landing page. I'll just list some of the things I saw:

      • Your header isn't always on top, collides with your illustrations in Safari.

      • The kate testimonial seems a little silly if I don't know what company she manages. From what I know, this could be your aunt Kate and you forced her to give a testimonial. How long has she been using the tool?

      • The pricing tables are a little noisy with the block of text on the bottom. You should structure them as a list, clearly pointing out which features are missing from the lower tiers.

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    2. 1

      Hello ,

      Your website seems good. I have some little feedback .

      1- Decrease the header hight when your scroll the page a little bit down. In a small screen the header height looks big.

      2- You should put the pricing at the bottom after "Perfect for improving user engagement" this section . That will makes the sequence perfect . Also you can add a transition when someone click on pricing menu .


      1. 1

        Will consider. Thank you!

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    hey Dominic,

    Awesome! Could you please have a look at this one: https://staging-frontend-pulse-ability.herokuapp.com/

    please note, there is no backend for it yet.

    1. 3

      Look at Mehedi's work. This solves a lot of your issues, including

      • Messy font sizes

      • Cramped content

      • Boring, overly long content

      1. 1

        Obviously, the content is aimed for users, who are technology / research business companies. Reading is the core of their nature.

        Why would you consider content boring?

        1. 2

          Everything is just very vague and not engaging. Your landing page shouldn't be a complete feature list.

          Things like 'Hey XY, doing <some use case>? Not having <some problem>? Then use our technology!' are very infomercially and not readworthy.

      2. 1

        Thanks for your appreciation . @Dominic

    2. 1

      Hello ,

      I saw huge issues in your design and your idea is great which is not reflect in your design . So I made a quick design based on your content . You can check the design here

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7ncacryhto9eae/PulseAbility .png?dl=0

      I saw your codes and it has huge issues also .


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    Hey, if you're still doing this, I just redesigned my front page: https://newsletterhunt.com

    1. 1

      Design-wise, your biggest issues are (1) your images that you try to force into a square, hence why they look pixely and cheap and (2) you point out three amazing newsletters and put the rest into a small, messy list.

      Your message is pretty clear though and doesn't need a lot of convincing. To get away a little from the technical part, I'd maybe write something like 'Your all-in-one newsletter reader', instead of a plain 'We generate RSS feeds'

      1. 1

        Hey, thanks Dominic, really appreciate your feedback

    2. 1

      I made some comments on hotjar . Hope that helps you to improve.


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    I'll bite :P

    https://whitewp.com/ is my rebranding WordPress plugin

    1. 1

      Okay, nice!

      Design-wise, it looks pretty clean. There are some cosmetic details, such as the jumping 'Download for free' button or the jumping monthly/annual switching, which I wouldn't care about usually but as a branding/design plugin, might make sense to fix that.

      The slider is a very nice element.

      It seems like your plugin is trying to do two separate things in the same plugin, that's why a lot of your copy is a little vague. My attention span is average, so I only picked up 'Rebranding' from the main headline at first. The slider supported that. Then I scroll down and see that most features have nothing to do with rebranding, but with support.

      In my opinion, your WP plugin is a customer support plugin and the rebranding is a feature from that. As you said, you are creating a known environment for customers, so that they are not confused by the WP logo. I'd try to rebrand yourself - as a customer support plugin with rebranding capabilities.

      Sidenote on the business side: I think your pricing could be simplified a lot as a price per site model with premium support + discount after a certain threshold

      1. 1

        Thanks! I'll take it all in and make changes during the week :)

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    Awesome! What do you think of https://dpassistant.com?

    1. 1

      Right off the bat I think you can generate a lot more leads with some scary statistics.

      It wasn't until the last day before GDPR, that I didn't care about it at all (despite owning two sites that are doing quite well, processing data,...). It wasn't until my dad told me about the charges and fees that could occur if I didn't comply.

      You are doing a great job explaining what's included in your service, but not the reason I should spend $500 on it. I do think you are targeting people who might already know what GDPR is and what fees could occur should someone not comply, but a prominent 'You could lose 4% (?) of your revenue!' is really low hanging fruit.

      Design-wise it looks good. I'd reorder the sections of your site to be Landing -> Process -> Areas -> Pricing and make the main font size a little bigger. I'm not sure if it is because of my screen, but the font at Pricing looks incredibly small. I do think that you could collect a lot of emails and even leads by simply giving out a free 5-point GDPR checklist, just to show off your expertise.

      Consider switching out the graphic on top vs. a nice illustration. If you want it quick, undraw.co has a GDPR illustration.

      1. 1


        Very useful, thank you! Having now understood the GDPR and it’s implications, do you think the pricing is reasonable for the service offered?

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    Excited to get feedback on my site


    1. 2

      You know, that site looks really good to me.

      Overall you concentrate a lot on the features of your tool. While this is important, it is sometimes even more important to showcase the benefits of your tool vs others. Something like this 'With LeadMine, your team can now search for companies and people, lookup for person's business email address and verify the deliverability of any email address.', can easily be written more engaging, like 'The times of excel sheets are over! LeadMine provides a unique interface for your sales team which makes lead generation way easier, through email lookups and deliverability verification.' Just an idea.

      Your claim ' trusted by 1,000 companies worldwide.' is quite bold. Is this true? If so, are there any well known companies included? If yes, why didn't you include them on your site? It's a huge source of trust.

      1. 1

        @dqmonn Thanks for your great feedback. I really appreciate your help.

        As you suggested, I will make a change about description.

        Yes, we have around 2000 Signups for our site, it does not mean all of them paying customers. Most of them(around 75-80%) are using the free plan.

        I afraid of putting their logo on my site. Do I need to get approval from them before listing their logos in "Trusted By" section?

        1. 1

          Hey Javith,

          Congrats on growing this so much. Yeah, I'd comb through your database and see if any prominent brands are signed up. If so, reach out to them and ask them to allow you to list their logo on the site. Limit it to 4 or so. Give them a few months of premium for free or something.

          1. 1

            @dqmonn Thank you so much. I will follow the same.

    2. 1

      Nice landing page! Little suggestion; on the mobile site your logo is cut off a bit (using Iphone 6s).

      1. 1

        @stefsr Thanks. I will take a look at it.

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    Just made my page yesterday:


    1. 1

      On first sight, the site looks a bit plain and boring. Look into some modern website styles and maybe use a template as a base.

      I definitely get what your app is trying to do. The 'mark as duplicate' threw me off though, since it looks like an order. Your copy could be a lot friendlier and more engaging. Something like 'Tired of giving attention to the wrong people?' - 'Use YouDupe to demolish copycats and give props to the original uploader.'

      I don't think your landing page needs a lot of content. The image is really good and I get what it does. What misses for me is the vision or goal behind it. Why should I use the tool? What do I have from that? I guess most people are okay with watching a repost. What is your idea behind it?

      Last but not least, make your email field more prominent. Essentially that is the only thing you are trying to do - collecting emails in exchange for beta access. So make your email field big and prominent.

      Hope I could help.

      1. 1

        Thank you so much for the feedback Dominic.