December 4, 2017

Let's have a meet up! Where are you from?

I'd love to meet up with other Indie Hackers. Please list your location and let's see if we can make this happen.

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    If you haven't yet, you should add your location to your user profile. That'll make it easier for me to build tools that facilitate meetups in the future! ✌️

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      I just checked the profile. You have a field for city but not for country.

      Given that the US nicked (stole) just about every city and town name from the UK (and most other European countries as well, I suspect!), the city alone won't do it.

      Washington, for example, is actually a town in Lincolnshire. Apparently, it is also a somewhat unimportant administrative centre in the colonies as well .....

      London is, of course, the capital of the English-speaking world but also has numerous manifestations in the US. Pick an English city name and there will be one of the same name in the US!

      I also believe that Bethlehem is in Pennsylvania, which must come as something of a shock to the good citizens of Israel who have been convinced for millennia that the city is on their land!

      It would be nice to add a country field to the profile. It would be even more interesting to see a stats page where we can see by percentage from where we all hail.

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        Second this. I'm not from Oxford, Alabama.

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        There's a dropdown that prompts you for your country when you go to entry your location on your profile. Although I'm not displaying that information in all cases when viewing a profile, it's saved in the database. So I can easily change the information displayed in the future and it will apply retroactively. Good catch.

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          Hmm, this is not working for me. I type the city name but don't see any dropdown. And if I then click on "Save", the city field is set to blank. I'm using Firefox on Linux, if that's helpful. Thanks!

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            uBlock Origin breaks this.

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              Thanks, that solved it!

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              Interesting. Yeah, editing without uBlock fixed it.

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            I see the same behaviour using Chrome on Windows 10.

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              uBlock Origin breaks this.

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                I saw the other comments about uBlock Origin earlier this morning. I had never heard of it before today though and don't have it installed on my system so there is something else going on here as well.

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          I just tested that. I entered the town where I live and, because it did not know where the hell it was, the city field replaced my entry with Paphos which it helpfully, and correctly, knew was in Cyprus.

          Oddly enough, Paphos is not very far away from where my Dad lives so maybe your system knows more than I give it credit for!

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      One weird thing about this is that uBlock Origin actually blocks the country list drop down, so if you have it you can't fill in your location.

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        uBlock Origin, my mortal enemy, strikes again. You don't know how many hours I've spent tracking down "bugs" over the years that turned out to be uBlock mangling a website what was perfectly fine otherwise. Tried using it once myself, too, and it felt like it broke every third page on the internet.

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          I think it has gotten a lot better now - I rarely have any problems with it. Maybe I'm just not visiting the same sites that you frequent ;).

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    There seem to be quite a few of us on the forum from the EU - perhaps we could have a London/Berlin/Lisbon Meetup some time in the Spring?

    I'd be happy to co-organise and look for sponsors etc...

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      I would also go. Here a guy from Spain. 👍👍👍

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      London meet up would be great! Or Lisbon :)

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      Would attend 👍

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      in Madrid over here. A pretty chilled, inexpensive place for a meetup is all I'm saying... ;)

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    Glasgow, Scotland.

    Would love to meet other Indie Hackers in the area!

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      In the U.S. now but studied abroad in Glasgow in college and loved it! I know that's not helpful here.

      Also I had a friend who was native to Glasgow once describe it as, "a wee bit stabby."

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      A fine place! Used to live there for uni.

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      Also from Glasgow, Scotland. I'll email you! :)

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        Nice one :)

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    Toronto, Ontario??

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      Hello, fellow Canadians! :)

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    Kathmandu Nepal

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      I think that makes you officially the most remote Indie Hacker of them all!

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        Make that two :)

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    Upstate New York, USA

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    Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany

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      Miesbach - so not that far!

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        Yep, that might work out ;-)

        Going to connect with you on Twitter...

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    Osnabrück, Germany

    Would be very interesting to meet some indie hackers from the area (North Germany, Netherlands)

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    Barcelona, Spain. I will be in Las Palmas, Spain in January.

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      Hey Sergio, I'm based in Barcelona too. Anyone else here?

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        Hey Kevin, another based in Barcelona here!

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          Awesome! Add some contact info (Twitter, etc.) to your profile when you have a minute :-)

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        Hey Kevin, not that I am aware of.

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    Orange County, CA, USA

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    Marbella, Spain - location is in profile. I don't think there have been two people with the same location, right?

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    Vancouver, BC?

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    San Jose, CA

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    That's gonna be a one expensive meet up, alright.

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    Marseille (France)

    Is seam that a meet up will be difficult.

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    I'm from Northern Ca. Specifically, the greater Sacramento area. I'd love to meet other people in the area.

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    London, England

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    Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. Willing to meet up anywhere in New England(I like a good road trip)

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    San Francisco, California 🏙

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    Who is here from Bangalore, India? Let's connect.

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    Hey guys, have a quick look at — it's a crowdsourced map of makers from around the world. Feel free to pin yourself on the map. Made by yours truly.

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    Seattle, WA. Quick plug: our meet up group is currently at 10+ people! If you're in Seattle we would love to have you join us!

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      What's the meet up group called? I've been looking for a community in Seattle

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    Stockholm, Sweden

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    Southeastern US - Charleston specifically, but would be down to do a meetup in Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc.

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    UK but happy to travel to EU.

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina ✌️

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    Washington, D.C.

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    Expat currently living in Dublin.

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    Zurich Switzerland

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    Currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🇻🇳 for a while

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    Los Angeles, CA

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    New York City

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    Birmingham, UK. (But often in London).

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    Warsaw, Poland

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    Anyone currently in Istanbul?

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    San Francisco

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    Kiev, Ukraine

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    I think we ALL came from same place.

    Think about it

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    Zagreb, Croatia

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    Darmstadt, Germany

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    Vancouver, BC

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    Provo, Utah. US

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    Hatyai, Thailand

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    Brighton, UK

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    Portland Oregon,

    Let's grab beers!

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    Washington, DC

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    San Diego!

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    San Francisco!

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    Brooklyn, New York, USA

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    Middle-America, anyone? I'll have cause to go to the Twin Cities soon.