December 2, 2018

Let's know each other on Twitter.

Hey IndieHackers, lets connect on our favourite micro blogging platform and help each other grow each others network :D

I am here

Comment your twitter profile and we all shall connect!

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    Full stack dev + Data (analytics, ML, data governance, infrastructure) person, in NYC. Looking forward to connecting with everyone! I’m at

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    Hi everybody. I'm a web developer focused in node stack and i'm specialited in API's development. Right now I'm coding on my firts side project, something related with podcasting.

    My profile is -->


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    Hi everyone, I'm Yasin and I'm a IT-Consultant, Windows Administrator, and full stack dev with knowledge of Java, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel (PHP), SQL and everything in between.

    I'll start sharing screenshots of there too!

    Now I follow everyone here in this thread 🙌

    See you on Twitter 🚀

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    ex-CTO, consult IT project (mostly that use Rails) and building apps in Amazon eco-system.

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    Hi, everyone. Fellow software developer here and aspiring solo founder. I've recently 'graduated' as ambassador and started the organization for the first meetup in Milan in December 2018. Reach out if you're from Italy too or not 😉

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    I follow you through my page:


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    I look forward to connecting at

    Building a visa that connects tech people with jobs around the world and gives knowledge workers fast-track visa access to a shortlist of countries. Based out of NYC and Singapore.

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    Hi :)

    I am a developer + designer based in India.


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    Hello everyone,

    Food geek:


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    Freelancer, FullStack dev.

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    Backend, functional, big data:

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    I'm a Product Manager in eCommerce, working on my first project related to... Product Management!

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    Hey Im full stack dev. I'm working on a research project about how to launch a product as a solopreneur.

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    Full stack dev (python on the backend, VueJS on the front) and playing about with a couple of small side projects alongside my regular job

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a full stack dev and founder of that works heavily in the Voice space with Alexa, Google Actions, Cortana, Bixby, Siri

    Would love to connect!

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    Hey, product designer here. Would love to connect, find me at

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    I'm @jimpusateri

    I have a couple side projects, mostly full stack but lately more back end since I've refocused on solving my own pain points and then sharing my solutions as products.

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      Also, I love the idea of building ourselves up as a cross platform community :)

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