April 20, 2018

Live stream — building a SaaS MVP from scratch

hi everyone,

i recently did an interview as founder of Fomo (https://www.indiehackers.com/interview/fomo-05b996966c).

today i'm live streaming (Noon Eastern --> onward) a brand new SaaS product, which i'll build from scratch.

  • user stories

  • wireframing

  • coding

  • picking a domain name

  • deploying to production

all contributions / comments welcome on YouTube live chat... please join!

live stream:



stream began at ~12:05p ET and ended 13.5 hours later. deployed to production and already live w/ a couple users: https://www.supportcut.com

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    follow up stream on how to market and sell?

    1. 5

      definitely... let's do it next week :)

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    Hey Ryan, really cool to follow along. Didn't catch it live so I've been playing back on YouTube today and really enjoyed it - so glad you chose Ruby on Rails as that's the language I've been learning, so it was great to see "basics" like how to make API calls, parse data, etc. Thank you for sharing the experience. Can't wait for your next instalments!

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      thanks Dan, glad you're enjoying it.

      note, the last 1.5 hours is cut off, appears YouTube has a hard cap at 12 hours per live stream saved.

      more to come.

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    It is so cool. Good luck!

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    Hey Ryan, I tried out the service today at supportcut.com and managed to hook up to my Groove account (albeit a dummy account I created for testing your app).

    One thing that wasn't clear to me is what do I put in the Groove autoreply to divert the customer to the ticker page? I remember in your live stream you ran into problems with this (something about merging variables), did you get that sorted in the end?

    Maybe the final step of your onboarding workflow should be instructions and a snippet for the users to add to their autoreply email.

    Maybe i'm just being a dumbass though (it's been a long Monday already!)

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      thanks for trying it Dan.

      the "Integrate Groove" button in your dashboard is where i intend to link a setup guide, definitely missing right now. :)

      see the very bottom of this doc for a hint though:


      add something like:


      to your Groove autoreply.

      (guide coming soon!)

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    Nice ! Replay doesn't take it from the beginning though.

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      update, looks like YouTube processed the first 12 hours. however, the last 1.5 hours is missing. :/

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    Nice, good luck!

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