September 14, 2018

Looking for a Growth/Marketing Co-founder


We've recently launched Font O.D. ( - the worlds first unlimited font service. The current team isn't well versed with PR and growth so we're looking for someone who is and who can take Font O.D. to the next level. We are willing to give up a large percentage of equity to the right individual, anyone who's interested please do hit me up.



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    Hi Marcel,

    Nice project. I've been in your situation before a few times and know how hard it can be, so I put together a little personalised advice tool on how to find a great cofounder, which I think you will find useful.

    Good luck!

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      check cofounder weekly on revue :)

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      Thanks Louis, I had a look. Very useful if not a tad late for me.

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    Hi Marcel,

    if you are so inclined, it would be interesting to share a bit about your project/product:

    as someone who is beginning to market and build momentum, would you be willing to share some things?

    How long have you been going?

    Have you made sales?

    Who is your target market?

    What have you tried? anything work?

    A suggestion (in the nicest way) - I'm not sure I'm a customer as I don't quite get what you do.... - Maybe tell more about what problem(s) you solve - For web teams needing new 'royalty free fonts', places to easily host all your own fonts, sell your fonts..

    Maybe I missed it, but I'd be curious as to what you do, as I presume anyone who was potentially interested in helping you would want to know as well.

    Hope that is helpful and not counter productive. I know sometimes you personally know so well what you do and solve, but sometimes that obviousness doesn't translate to someone new to your site.


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      Thanks for the question Kevin. As someone well versed in the industry sometimes I do forget that some things aren't just a matter of fact and need to be explained.

      So traditionally when it comes to buying fonts, your restricted to the usage as set by the vendor. So some type foundries will not let you use the font in print or in commercials or in Movies for example and you'll need to get an additional license to allow it. Which of course means extra expenditure.

      So Font O.D. resolves this by offering an unlimited usage contract.

      And along these lines almost every type foundry & service out there charges you per the amount of views a font receives on your site. For instance if you get 10,000 views you pay $100 and you keep doing so each time you reach that threshold. ( That's irregardless of wether it's on their CDN or if you self host btw)

      Our main USP is offering unlimited views on unlimited websites. Wether you use our fonts or your own. So that's a major selling point too. Where you can draw your own fonts in say illustrator and we will convert it to a font and add it to our CDN or if you have an existing font you can use that too.

      Making a site like this is actually very labor intensive. Typography is very difficult to get right and very easy to get wrong. So we spent almost all of our resources in building the thing hoping people would "get it."

      I suppose our target audience would be people who just get it. Web designers/developers, who don't want to continually pay for a subscription or not have to worry about if they hit a limit.

      Classic mistake I suppose. And now without a budget, you could say we're in a bit of bother. We've just launched at the beginning of this month so it's still early days. I think with the right person on board we could really be successful.


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    Also I should note that if anyone wants to use the service hit me up and I'll give you a coupon for upto 80% off.

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    On the PR end of things, check out

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      Thanks for the link Dave. Unfortunately we spent almost all of our money setting up the service, so we really need some novel ways of approaching our target market.