August 10, 2018

Looking for feedback on beginning of project

Hey guys,

I had this idea to create a platform that would revolve around content creators. I had some ideas in mind such as interviewing content creators or creating the platform you see from the link above. I went with the simple solution first which makes it so I don't have to spend a lot of time creating interviews.

What do you guys think of this producthunt-esque platform for finding accounts to follow? Any suggestions other than adding tags/filters and upvote systems?


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    Besides tags, filters and upvote ... The question is from my side why should I come back to your page?

    When I find the content creators I like I will go directly to their pages.

    Or do you plan to extend the pages function?

    Another aspect - can a user promote a new content creator who is not yet on the list?

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      @FunnyDriver thanks for the feedback. Its a good point and I've been struggling a bit to figure this part out; what will make my site "habbitual" to visit.

      I hoped to write longform interviews with people kind of like indiehackers and how people got their start and grew their audiences, but I went with this as a v0.01 in order to see if this niche was something to target. And yes there would be a submitting tool eventually if this works out

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        It looks to me like you are building something like IMDB but for a much wider field/content.

        IMDB cooperates a lot with studios and producers and has also an affiliate program - the question would be can you come up with profitable partnerships with content creators who are not selling their content but offering it for free.

        Just a thought: Before "Google Movie search", IMDB was to first go to DB to find out what actor played what roll in what movie and what other movies in this genre are recommended.

        The big difference - a movie is finished after 2h and does not create new weekly episodes.

        Could you provide similar information for content creators that create content on a weekly/daily basis?

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    I'd start by focusing on a specific interest group: humor, food, science, lolcats... It will be easier for you to build presence within that group and for your visitors it'll be easier to sign up for more lolcats, if that's what they're into, instead of signing up for many random subjects they might not be so into. (Yes, you can create filters, but that's just more work for you on implementation and content curation and customer acquisition etc.)

    Then I'd find someone to help with social media marketing. If your audience are content consumers then you should probably find them in places (and in moments) where they consume that content.


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      @Matis thanks for the feedback! Hm I used to think this way as well, but on a previous project I worked on, this didn't work out too well. The audience was too narrow and it just caused me a lot of grief.

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        Was it too narrow as in you couldn't reach enough customers? Or what exactly was the problem?