December 6, 2018

Looking For Some Challenges In Growth Marketing

I just completed a project as a growth consultant. Now, have some free time. Looking to help some if they are struggling to identify the right channels, strategies for marketing and growth. Happy to discuss, if I can be of any help.

Have an experience of working with SaaS, Experential Services and IT Services organization.

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    this is really cool of you. I am working on OrbitsApp, a recommendation widget saas for blogs. But I am having a hard time getting people to try it. Would appreciate any help in how to grow it?


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      For beta users there are multiple platforms which you can around. I am sure some of such users will be here. However if you are looking to reach to select segment then you need be after them as time is something which people don’t want to invest without a purpose . Do share me your demo or value proposition at to review further and add some value to you

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    Hi @szainul13! Maybe you can help me to identify how to get beta testers.

    We are working on a new service for marketers (specialy SEM).

    It will help them to build efficient keywords lists, 100% customized advertisement and dynamic Landing pages for each keyword.

    (already tested from 10 to 280.000 keywords)

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      I would love to test it myself and share it across my network too.

      Let me know me know how to get started

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    Thank you very much for your offer! Would be great to hear your ideas about my project

    Currently I am planning to build integrations with various hosting platforms and make content around that. Primary focusing on Director of Technology of web agencies.

    I run cold email outreach to developers who liked frontend github repos. Not much luck so far. Didn’t get any conversions out of 700 outreaches.

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      Hi Yuriy,

      This looks interesting however not a complete techie to take a shot at the product. It will be hop for a quick call sometime later today or tomorrow to know your journey as cold emails don’t work anymore. Would advise some pull marketing methods. I am at let’s connect

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    Wow, I would love for you to help me out with

    We help online companies scale by funding their digital marketing spend. Companies can get growth capital based on actual business metrics instead of a credit score.

    I have been validating my idea and am now looking for channels to tap into to get in talks with my first customers.

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      @ness can help you with that too, she the expert in the field of unlocking audiences and lead research

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        Thanks for the shout out. 🙌

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        Would love to connect with @ness

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      Hey the idea is pretty interesting do you have a MVP in place? Would love to have look at it for sure and then think an effective plan for you.

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        @szainul13 the website is what I have for now. I am a frontend developer, so adding more back-end functionality will most likely be faked by me on the frontend until someone else joins me in testing this and can build with me in a very pragmatic and disciplined way. Essentially, if I can get a list of 10 people who would be interested, then it would make more sense to start building more. In the meantime, I plan on adding more form fields to capture more data manually, and model that in a google sheet. The goal would be to automate that process with a "login to X service" feature where we would get data in just a couple of clicks.

        Of course I am open to suggestions and contributors!

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          See when you are looking for 10 customers is people who are a startup and don't have money to market products. For them there is nothig to loose. For people who will finance have a lot to loose. What is your priority, customers or investors?

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            I'm not sure I understand, but I don't envision funding extremely high risk companies who don't already spend money on marketing and want to use our funds as an opportunity to experiment.

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      That’s a very interesting product, what would happen if the company revenues floor ?

      Is it still structured as a loan?

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        Not a loan, but more like a cash advance. If the company goes down, we lose. That's why we vet them carefully based on their transaction history.

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          Super cool! Are your strictly only for marketing spend? Is the restrictions on the cash for say product development?

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            Thanks! As of now, we are strictly focused on marketing spend because there are additional plans that would make the service more comprehensive and marketing is the first niche we are going for. Also, by limiting to marketing spend, these efforts go directly into improving the top line and that is where we get our payback from. It's a mechanism to reduce risk and have control.

            I am curious though, what type of transactions (products and services) would you have on product development?

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              I was speaking of development as in hiring developers. When cash is needed to grow, digital marketing is def a major divide from the cash but also hiring a team to keep up with the growth is important for me to.

              Also scale team members such as writers, and creators for content marketing - I assume would be okay to spend the money on ?

              I think the idea is super cool - I def will look into signing up. I assume you are looking for people with solid CAC on digital ad spend, where if they increases there spend - a great amount of growth will be gained while you make a small lump sum on the loan.

              In terms of cash flow out, how would your fee compare to a normal loan. What would the benefits of me receiving $100,000 upfront paying a % interest vs paying your lump sum. Is it competitively cheaper or are you looking to attract a crowd that doesn't what to is unable to secure debt financing the traditional way?

              Thanks for you reply Mitch!

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                Content marketing, influencers, consultants, agencies, and web design could all fall under "marketing expenses".

                You are right in that a solid CAC on digital ad spend is a good attribute of an ideal customer, however revenues are the top metric.

                Compared to a normal loan, we are faster at approving it, and your payments back to Metcalfe are automatically taken out of your daily revenues as a consistent rate. For example, we may take 10% of your daily revenues until we are paid off. This way, you are not tied to a fixed loan payment and maturity date. Some days you will pay more, and some less, but other than that, you should be able to operate your business exactly the way you did before getting funded by us. We feel that our financing is more aligned with founders than a loan.