July 11, 2018

Lovable Stack鈥擠ocker Compose templates for MVPs

Docker Compose is a super powerful way of doing local development and also for deploying a production MVP (or MLP, Minimum Lovable Product).

So I was thinking that over the next 1-2 weeks I'll share Docker Compose "templates". I'll include easy instructions for how to develop locally on your computer and then deploy a production MVP to a Digital Ocean droplet.

Follow me on Twitter @ marcusstenbeck to get them. 馃惁

Here's an example of an EXTREMELY simple PHP stack (can it even be called a stack!?).




Which tech stack would you like to see a dev/prod MVP stack for?

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    YESSSS! I like! I always seem to take too much time getting full-featured stacks and stripping them down to essentials to build simple side projects, so this does look like a nice time-saver!

    You can even prepackage 'rapid prototyping pack' into an image and ship that.

    PHP/MySQL/Redis stack please :D

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      I got started on it. Not finished yet, but maybe it'll get you somewhere? https://github.com/marcusstenbeck/lovable-stack/tree/php-mysql-redis/php-mysql-redis

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      Awesome! I'll get to it. Right now I'm on bus and a bit burned on my side-project, so I'm making a Mongo/Express/React/Node (MERN) stack.

      I'll get to the PHP/MySQL/Redis stack next. :)

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        That's great mate, thanks!