October 10, 2017

Making for Myself

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    @Mubs I have been seeing your work on PH, the lists you have created are just amazing and this post is also great. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to many (like myself who are finding it difficult to get started!)

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      Thanks! I was lucky enough to get started early, and now it just comes naturally, but I truly believe anyone can do it!

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    Love this post! It really resonates with me cause I feel the same way. I used to make things for myself, in the digital sense, but it's been a while. This post has reminded me to get back to building things for myself, simply for the pleasure of creating something. :D

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      Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

      A lot of people got into computers/programming because they loved it, not because it was a job that paid well. For me developing is job and a hobby. I had to remind myself that the stuff I did outside of my jobs was that hobby that I loved.

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        Yes! Programming is a job and a hobby for me as well. The first programming language I learned was the old BASIC language, back in the late 80's. There was no graphical interface, just characters and keyboard commands. Heck, there weren't even colors on the screen, just one, as the monitor was monochrome. The computer had a floppy drive and a whopping 20MB hard drive. The Web didn't even exist back then. But that feeling of writing something to create this thing that could make the computer do something was thrilling, and it's something I still carry with me today. :)

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    Loved this post! It really resonated because I often feel the same when people only ask me how many downloads my new app has gotten. Maybe it's because that's the only question they know to ask, but it still always gives me anxiety when they only ask that.

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      Yes! People often ignore the skill/art of creating, or perhaps they can't easily as the question of how you created or came up with the idea of making what you did. That is often a much better question and far better to answer than "show me the money" :)

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    It can be easy to forget to enjoy making things for intrinsic pleasure. ( Felt same with music in the past)

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      Argh yes! Musicians are another example of doing something you love for the sake of doing it.

      A lot of musicians I know never recorded an album, but they get together regularly to play, share their skill and love of music with others.

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        yeah, i honestly enjoyed DJ gigs at parties lots more than a lot of paid gigs.