November 8, 2018

Meta Tags

Hey all, launching a new side project today and of course it's on PH:

But I'd like to thank the whole IH community for helping me find bugs and make the UI as easy as possible to use!

Additionally I've launched a premium Wordpress plugin, and if you are a Wordpress dev, I'd be happy to give you a free license for advice on selling plugins.



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    Congrats on the launch! What I'd love is a tool like this that automatically generates open graph images for pages.

    For example it just includes my logo, wordmark, and then the title in a simple image. Take a look at the OG image for this blog in of course... :)

    So if your tool could generate clean images like that. Or like the images Courtland auto generates for Indie Hackers posts that'd be amazing.

    Also you should make it so when someone enters a URL at the top it adds a query param to the actual URL of the page so the view can be shared e.g.

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      Awesome feedback, thanks Harry!

      Totally into the open graph image maker with a template using your branded assets. I think that's quite a big project and will probably end up in some type of PRO tier. PS already started a version of this for the Wordpress plugin.

      Query param is an easy quick feature that I might whip up next weekend.

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        Cool. Regarding the images I’d consider not letting me bring my own branded assets for v1.

        Maybe you could do it by using the clearbit logo API and just have a few standard backgrounds that look good.

        You can probably use a little color theory to intelligently pick a dark or light background based on the dominant colors in the logo.

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          And I’d like where I just add some server side code or hit an API that intelligently creates meta tags for all my pages.

          I don’t want to have to manually use a GUI to generate great tags for each page.

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    Incredible! This is SOOO useful. Going to be using this weekly.

    What are your roadmap plans? Also, can you include dimensions on the meta image? I always forget :)

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      Leave it to @cbarclay to ask for the dimesions...might be on

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    I really love the interface, great work!

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    Beautiful. Bookmarked.

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    That's awesome! Congrats on the launch!

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    Badass project Moe!

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    This is incredible! I'm going to update with it! Thanks.

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      Thanks Sandro! Saw you on HN earlier today, gave you an upvote

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        Awesome! I truly appreciate it :)

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    Omg, this is beautiful! Congrats on the launch Moe

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    So good. Makes visualizing your content simple and clear. YES

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    This is badass! Upvoted on PH!