December 6, 2018

Mission Emission - our stab at the air pollution problem

Hi there,

We at BetaPeak are a small team of dedicated developers with passion for side projects and positive social change. We're located in Bulgaria, which currently has the worst air quality in all of Europe, so this led us to think - we sure as hell are not the only ones with that problem, there must be thousands of cities around the globe that breathe dirty air, we definitely need to raise some awareness.

So in partnership with the awesome guys at Oblik Studio, this led us to build

---> Mission Emission <---

a tool to help you calculate your car emissions and get tips on how to travel more eco-friendly. Our bet is on simplicity, nice and clean UX and informative and beautiful results page, to help punch in the main idea - we need to ditch petrol/diesel cars!

We'd love to know what you love, what you hate, what you "meh" about the tool, and obviously we're ready to implement any cool ideas you may have on how to make this tool even cooler and more engaging.



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    We're currently trending on HackerNews, your support will be super appreciated!

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    Really love Mission Emission!

    Would be great to chat

    I'm working on

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      Glad you like it mate, feel free to drop me a line at

      yasen at betapeak dot com :)

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    Hey Yasen, good work!

    I live in Milan, a city that has a serious air pollution problem, especially during the winter months.

    I often monitor this website to see how much pollution a city has:

    It's user experience is quite terrible, but it works.

    As a suggestion, your website shows a calculation of CO2 and NOx but what's really bad for smog are PM10 and PM2,5. You should add that too.

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    I think it looks great, I really like the design. I can also tell a lot of thought was put into how to display the information. If you ever take it into a mobile app stage, I could see a feature where the app uses gps to track your trips, and maybe gives you an idea of how you are (hopefully) improving over time. Overall, good job!