May 15, 2018

Monetizing an old project that I left running for a few months. Up to $90 so far in May!

A few months ago I launched for visualizing the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency. I posted a few links around some subreddits and HN and have been letting it grow organically since about March.

It turns out someone linked to from a high traffic site in China and it's been driving some solid growth with returning users.

Stats for the last 30 days:

13k users

30k sessions

165k page views

I posted on IH a few weeks ago asking how to monetize traffic from China. I was unsuccessful at first but discovered some discussions online about how Google Adsense ads convert well with Chinese traffic. On May 1st I threw some Adsense ads on the site and forgot about it for a week. I checked a few days ago and my Adsense revenue is up to $90 for May :) I'm going to continue improving the site but it looks like I'm on pace for about $160 - $180 this month in revenue!

Just wanted to share! Has anyone else come back to an old project to find out that it started bringing in revenue?

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    @dpods If you are looking to grow this further, we at GitHustle ( have some solutions that could be of your interest.

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    For me, the domain name is a premium one after

    IMO, you can expect big bucks through this portal if you improve it and increase the engagement of users. Good luck :)

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    Seems ure using Auto ads only. Working well from its looks.

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      I started out using just auto ads and it worked pretty well. Over the last few days I've been adding ad units to the highest traffic pages to increase impressions. The combination of both ad units and auto ads seems to be working

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        Sweet!. What ad units if I may ask?

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    What are you doing to accept payment from China? It has been my biggest barrier into the Chinese market. Stripe just isn't there.

    I had applied for Alipay and got it, but it still acts as a third party to Stripe, which prevents me from setting up the payment system how I normally do it.

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      I'm not actually accepting any payment from China. I'm using Google Adsense to serve up ads to the traffic from china

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        That much traffic, eh? Nice.

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    Well done :) Adverts can steadily bring in the $$ with good traffic, and I love stories like this when it comes unexpectedly! I have a few apps that don't do huge numbers, but generate a steady $100/ sometimes feels like free money!!

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      Steady revenue is good! Congrats on that.