August 10, 2018

Monocle rss reader - preview

Hello there fellow indiehackers!

A few weeks ago I posted a few times regarding an RSS Reader I was building and now I think I've reached the Alpha stage, where the app is usable and bug-less in general terms. I've ditched my RSS Chrome extension reader and now I'm using my own creation for my everyday feed reading.

Of course it's not yet complete and there's still many things I'm going to implement and build into it. Plus I'm still missing the logo, name and domain.

Regarding the name, what do you guys think about 'Monocle Reader' or, for short, 'Monocle'. The logo will surely be a monocle.

Check it out @ and leave comments & suggestions!

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    I think you're along the right lines ... I still use Mr Reader on my iPad - I think it was discontinued a couple of years ago! Reading feeds sat up in bed with an iPad is something I've got used to personally. So I'd be looking for an app as opposed to web-based.

    Monocle is a great name though.

    As ever - the real question is how on earth do you monetise? Not sure there's a lot of money to be made here... Perhaps that's not a priority for you.

    Good luck with it.


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      Thanks for the comments Mark!

      I've got everything prepared for eventual Android and iOS apps since I'm using Quasar (a vue & cordova wrapper which makes it really easy to build apps)!

      Well, my initial goal was to just replace my reader and make it better for myself, and then I realized I could make it something useful for others too so monetization was not my main goal. Of course I'd like to make some money out of it eventually: I've thought of maybe some non-disturbing ads, look for sponsorship or just rely on donations or suscriptions. Idk. First things first: building something nice and functional.