September 14, 2018

Must-have newsletters for bootstrappers?

As the title states 馃榾

I'm asking for newsletters, but if you want to share some other must-have resource (website, podcast, twitter profile...) I'm interested too.

Thanks! 馃檹

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    Maybe you are looking for this: : Weekly digest of the best user-submitted articles featured on Curated by Darren Stuart.

    路 IndieHackers : Newsletter containing the newest interviews of the site and also the best threads from the forum. Normally ships on Thursdays. By Courtland Allen.

    路 Indie : Stories, lessons, and inspiration for independent makers. By Justin Jackson . (edit: new newsletter at: via @mijustin)

    路 The SaaS Bootstrapper : Content about bootstrapping, SaaS, growth, marketing, and other startup topics curated by Mac Martine.

    路 Hackerpreneur : For indie entrepreneurs & makers who live and work on their own terms. Every Friday, you鈥檒l get hand-picked startup resources & essays exploring the future of work in the exponential age. By Marc Eglon.

    路 Bootstrap Money: Weekly roundups of stories, guides and resources to help you grow your internet business. Every Friday. Free. Curated by Nicolas de Thor茅

    路 Startup Digest: Curated reading materials from around the world, customized by your interests.

    路 Handwritten newsletter. The Think Clearly newsletter gives you little reflection exercises to help you in your daily life. It is created with love and admiration. Archive.

    路 Better Dev Link. A weekly newsletter, collects links that aim to improve programming knowledge general. The purpose is not include the links that reader can search instantly from google such as how to do x, y, z but more about problem solving in programming.

    路 GitHub Trending Repos. A special repo allowing to track trending projects in your favorite programming language on GitHub. Updates come as GitHub notifications once a day or a week.

    路 HN Mail. A customizable weekly newsletter that delivers Hacker News stories based on your interests.

    The merit / credit is from Awesome Lists on GitHub. If you want to know more Newsletters (about programming, and loooot of things) you can check:

    If you are looking for podcasts, communities, talks, posts, blogs, etc, check: ( its awesome ;) )

    Hope it helps!

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      OMG! Gr脿cies bro!

      That's what I was looking for. Thanks! =D

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      Hey @jp_aulet,

      Thanks for recommending!

      I recently took over the reins from Darren, who did a great job building and nurturing the community.

      We now have a new format for the newsletter, which I've re-branded as "Bootstrapped Digest." It's broken up into two sections -- FROM the Bootstrappers and FOR Bootstrappers -- and I personally curate the content each and every week.

      Just wanted to clear up the details in case anyone was interested in subscribing, but not sure if it's the right fit for their needs.

      Here are the last few issues:

      The next issue goes out later this week, so if you're interested in subscribing you can sign-up at or in the sidebar on

      Happy to field any questions/feedback the IH community might have!

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      Maybe a stupid question, but where do you subscribe to the Indie Hackers newsletter? I can't find any link/form on the website.

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        I think that If you're signed up for the forum, you're also signed up for the Indie Hackers newsletter (unless you've unsubscribed).

        You should receive a weekly newsletter...

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    If you鈥檙e looking for more marketing content, I can biasly recommend my own at :)

    SaaS marketing focused, for bootstrapped or funded alike

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      Thanks, bro! I've just subscribed :)

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        Awesome man thanks! Let me know what you think - always open to suggestions!

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    @pjrvs's newsletter. iiiiit's a goodie. As an example

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      I've just subscribed!! Thanks :P

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    Hiten Shah's Product Habits is a must-read in this space. Sign up for his "Building Better Products Faster" guide (free) and you'll be on his list for the newsletter too:

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      Done! =D Thanks, Lon! :)

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    Also check out (and sign up to the newsletter).

    We are really trying to build something special there.