February 26, 2018

[MVP Feedback] Built a JavaScript file upload library, looking for feedback on landing page


I'm Rik, an indie product developer from The Netherlands. I've recently registered and have been reading a lot on IH, it's been such a valuable resource, haven't had time to contribute but am planning to! :-)

For the past year, I've been working on and off on FilePond (a file upload library). I've decided it's time to launch soon (I'll be polishing it till eternity otherwise) but thought it wise to ask IH for feedback on the product and landing page first. It's my first time selling something outside of Envato and I'm in unknown waters.

I wonder if the landing page is clear? If any vital information is missing? If the prices seem high or too low? If it sounds like a useful product and if there's obvious functionality missing (that I'm missing)?

The landing page can be found here: https://pqina.nl/filepond

Any feedback would be so much appreciated.

// changed "plugin" to "library"

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    Your site looks great, but for some reason I did not immediately process what this was about.

    "A JavaScript file upload plugin." I first thought it's some browser plugin to upload js files, and I'm like "...why?". Maybe it's because I'm not used to JS libraries/tools/packages being called plugins anymore.

    Compared to landing pages of similar products, you have a lot of text on ours, it doesn't immediately look like it's aimed at developers. Maybe it's because there's no code samples showing by default? Developers like to see code examples over descriptive text, so maybe try changing that a bit.

    If it becomes available for react, I'd buy it, it looks great!

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      Thanks so much Felix, this is exactly what I meant with "missing what's missing".

      Maybe I should go for "component" instead of "plugin", or is it "library"? I'm not sure what the correct term is nowadays. 🙃

      It's definitely aimed at other devs so I should add those code snippets, now you've said it it's so obvious that it's missing. First thing I'm going to change tomorrow.

      React is the first thing on the roadmap, so after I get this launch thing done, it's coming right up.

      Thanks again Felix, such an eye-opener.

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    Hey Rik,

    The only thing I would change is tweak the copy a bit, so you address the visitor directly (telling them why they need your plugin ).

    There is a great guide I read today https://sumo.com/stories/landing-page

    Hope it helps!


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      Thanks Marin! I'm going to read it right now.

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    Hi Rik! Again, like all the users so far I appreciate the design effort put in this - it's just splendid, well done.

    Shawn here was pretty exhaustive and nailed most of the points I had in mind - especially the pricing part. However, I don't agree with moving the tests stuff altogether in a separate page. I'd rather leave 1 or 2 on the landing page, because as a developer I always look for great UX for my customers and this is one of your main selling points - it's place is on the homepage.

    Another idea is to include a short snippet of code on the home page of how you integrate it with a developer's code. You're site is ultimately targeted towards devs and they LOVE cutting work, so showing them HOW EASY it would be to plug-and-play that thing would earn you some conversions, no doubt.

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      Just added the code snippets and uploaded all the other improvements suggested. The landing page is a lot better already!

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    The design is really beautiful so top marks for that. I would go with library over plugin as I feel it's much more commonly used these days.

    Pricing by developer doesn't make sense to me for this type of library and I would avoid using it specifically because of that. I don't want to pay a software license to you for a PM that is never going to touch the code, nor can you enforce that. It makes more sense on a product basis. 1 domain, 5 domains, unlimited domains, resale.

    Maybe add a by PQINA to the logo. I got to the what our clients say section and was confused by who PQINA was. I thought this was called FilePond was my first thought until I noticed the domain.

    I would toss the care for a test run stuff under a new page called Examples. I always look for a page like that when checking out a new library. It didn't click that section was interactive since that part of the site is usually for screen shots/features.

    Your documentation looks really nice but probably a good idea to add a link back to the main site somewhere near the top of it. Also in the getting started section "To keep code snippets short we’ll assume the FilePond object is available and loaded before these snippets are executed." would be better replaced with something like "Ensure you've installed FilePond by following the instructions here before you take these steps".

    Thats about it. Lots of suggestions there but just want to complement you again on the design. I really is a beautiful website. Good luck with your project!

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      Thanks Shawn, This was super useful, appreciate you took the time for such a detailed reply. I've got some stuff to think about and some things to change it seems :-)

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    Oh MAN is that a pretty site!!!!! We should talk more about marketing this out for you!!!

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      Thank you! I'm all ears, how do we market-this-out? :D