September 13, 2017

MVP is ready, procrastinating next steps

In my day job at a big tech company, I interview a ton of front end web developers and found that many can't do basic web tasks (simply from lack of experience).

I have good insight into the process and where people struggle, so I thought I could make a valuable interview prep site.

The site is complete enough to test the water, but I'm stuck at how to start building up traffic and getting feedback.

Do you have any post-launch marketing resources? Or a checklist of things to do once the site is live?

Site is at

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    I'm in a similar boat! I'm currently experimenting with different channels like Hacker News and Reddit. Someone posted my website onto Product Hunt on my behalf (kind of wished I had been able to coordinate my own PH launch) but that was helpful too.

    Anyway, I agree w/ EO who suggested /r/webdev and /r/frontend. I'm still learning about these subreddit communities myself but I've come across some that would probably be appropriate for you to comment in and/or post directly to.

    Also, it takes time but building up a Twitter following can be really powerful.

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      Hey Lynne! We are actually in a closed facebook group together :) Love what you are doing with Key Values!!

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        What?! Is that all you're going to say? I'm not in many so I'm guessing it's DBC. Anyway, let me know if I can help you at all! I'm not personally interviewing anywhere right now but I am a frontend web developer :D

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          Spot on! I'll share it there soon too and send you a message

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      Try responding to the questions/comments/discussions in:

      • /r/cscareerquestions

      • /r/CSEducation

      • /r/learnprogramming

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    You should try reddit's /r/webdev and /r/frontend, I know there's a lot of people in there learning stuff & trying to get a dev job.

    Also, if you google "frontend interview" and filter by last month, you'll get a few pages of people asking related questions. Just try to be helpful though, don't market directly.

    Good luck!

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      I've just started getting involved in those subreddits. Quota tip is great, and that same method might help find other subreddits too.

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    You could try going social and create handles on FB and Twitter. Then post interview advice each day. To grow followers on FB try promoting posts with ads. On Twitter, try following a bunch of front-end devs or people that follow dev bootcamps. Those people are trying any thing to get ahead in their interviews.

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    An interesting idea and a definite opportunity. Is the product a front-end course, an interview course, or coding challenges?

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      It's all 3! A front-end interview course, by way of challenges and practice.

      The challenges are supposed different from say, a tutorial, because the solutions will talk about constraints and considerations you would address in an interview setting.

      I found when I was interviewing early in my career that I would learn a lot from the interviews themselves (not ideal), so this site is inspired by that.

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        I've learned a lot about interviewing in my career, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. What I've learned most distinctly is that the interview process is largely a marketing exercise (I'm selling my labor; can I convince you to buy) and that this is one of the definite pain points. I'm curious if you've considered with regard to improving how candidates can manage the conversation interview process, not just the technical questions?

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          Great point! These are definitely things I want to address down the line. First via blog posts, then perhaps through a "resource" type section.

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    Email list?

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      I have tediously and expensively built a list of coding bootcamps and contacts (name, number, email) at each bootcamp.

      If you email me ( I will share my list with you in CSV format.

      You could use to reach out and share your solution.

      Since your product is (a) free and (b) targeted to junior developers, I think it will be a good product market fit.

      All I ask is that if this helps you succeed, you repay the favor in some way down the road.

      Zack Burt

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        Hey Zack! I really appreciate the offer.

        I've done some manual outreach before but tracking was a nightmare - Something simple like Streak is exactly what I need.

        We'll chat more on email