June 14, 2018

My first screencast for building products with no-code... complete

Just finished my first screencast for newCo.... it's hard to figure out the process of scripting, step by step and recording, editing etc... but I've done it finally!

I get to build stuff without code for fun, then record it and send to my members. Pretty sweet gig!

First one is how to build a job board with no-code. e.g. goatjobs.com

Curious what others recommend in the screencasting space, and what I should attempt to build without code. I'm looking at Uber/Dockless scooters as a fun/big challenge soon.

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    Something I thought would be kind cool is reusable videos 5-15 minutes long. That build kind of a dependency tree.

    Create a job board using jotform and bubble:

    -how to create an account in bubble.

    -How to create a login.

    -How create a registration form in XXXX.

    Where another thing might be

    Create a job board using wuffo and bubble

    -how to create an account in bubble.(same as other video)

    -How to create a login.(same as other video)

    -How to create a registration form in YYYY.

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      This is exactly what I'm building. Essentially a user can filter a number of things/tools/features and take the small videos from each and be able to put them together to make their own startup with the tools they like.

      I wonder what would be a better focus... do a bunch of the same projects in different tools OR focus on a few tools and build different projects