November 8, 2017

My journey to unlocking Amazon Affiliates

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    Nice post ! I'm doing Amazon affiliate too. I've launched several websites. Can't wait for the Xmas period to start.

    The SEO game (if you're going that way) is a long way (count on average 6 months to get some interesting traffic).

    What's your keyword strategy ? Focusing on "best reddit x" ? How much traffic are there in Google for such keywords ?

    Good luck !

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      Thanks! Would love to hear how you market those sites. It's been a tricky one for me.

      Yes, it's funny, I know SEO takes forever, yet I find myself checking the Search Console everyday to see if I'm doing better or worse.

      My keyword strategy is just what you've said "best reddit X" and "reddit X." It's hard to know for certain what the total traffic is because the keyword planner doesn't let you put in wildcards, but as you might expect, my guess for "reddit X" is very high. I get lots of impressions for those types of queries. "Best reddit X" I'm not as sure, it's definitely less frequent, but the CTR is higher.

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        Get the chrome extension "keyword everywhere" to get estimates of traffic

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    Thanks for sharing! The website is great and I appreciate the info about the affiliate program. I was exploring at a little, specifically looking at books: I clicked a few books' titles (the hyperlinked blue text within the description) , expecting it to open the Amazon link in another tab, but it actually took me straight there. This was inconvenient as I wanted to keep your site open in a tab so I could keep looking for other books. Might want to have those links open new tabs. Just my 2 cents.

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      I agree with @kyleb on this one. You want to keep people on your site as much as possible.

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      Thanks Kyle! Appreciate the feedback, will update that.

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    Nice post Ben, you are not alone, we are on the same boat. :) this article explain how we got rejected.

    we are also trying to improve our SEO to get more traffic, Good luck.

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      Nice post Jason! I actually came across that post in the past. Thanks for writing it up.

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        One lesson we learned while we are doing our SEO. We slowly believe when people search for books, they will not enter "hacker news book", same as things on reddit, people hardly search for "best reddit camera", we are slowly building our own keywords and brand, trying to get away from the HN, SO and reddit shadow.

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          Good advice, yes that makes a lot of sense

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    Very nice! I started an affiliate site at the beginning of the year about car sound systems:

    What I really like about your site is that it is not just a normal boring blog posts and believe me the affiliate marketing atmosphere is waiting for some innovative ideas like yours.

    These days I'm getting more than 200 visitors per day but I'm having a huge problem with the conversion but overall it is a very good experience to go through. I'm getting most of my traffic from search and I'm an SEO practitioner myself so if you want any help just message me and we could chat about what you can do.

    Wish you the best of luck man in your hustle!

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      Realized IH doesn't have a way to DM people, do you have a handle I could reach you at?

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        Sure man! I have accounts on Skype and What's app and you can find me on the online geniuses slack channel. Just tell me what channel we could communicate through and I'm with you.

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      Thanks Muhammad, appreciate the offer. Heh, not writing a lot of long reviews was born out of not wanting to write reviews. Not sure it's working, but we'll see.

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    I'm curious, how's you revenue looking now months later? Any improvements?

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      Better! Making around $200 a month