June 13, 2018

My new side project - Collection of 250+ blockchain, ICO & cryptocurrency websites

Managing my bookmarks bar with so many blockchain related resources was becoming a problem. So, I decided to launch a side project (non-profit) which would be a directory of blockchain related resources like -

  • Blockchain blogs

  • Blockchain books

  • Blockchain job websites

  • Blockchain YouTube channels

  • ICO review websites

  • Cryptocurrency wallets

  • Blockchain developer tools

  • Blockchain related APIs

  • Crypto Wallets

  • Crypto Price Trackers

  • Blockchain related chat groups

  • Blockchain related communities

  • Blockchain mining websites

  • Blockchain related games

and everything that you would need related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

I have built a first draft of the website here - http://cryptomanual.co

Anyone can contribute to the list of links so the list can keep getting useful.

This is still in beta. Please let me know your feedback.

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    Nice. I find it very hard keeping up with all of the crypto jagon going on and this will be a good help.

    Since you are handling account creation/login it would be a good idea to add SSL, I was about to sign up but wasnt comfortable providing details over http.

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      Oops! That's a good advice and I have it on my list. The website is in beta right now, will have https soon :)

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    Excellent work. Would suggest based on Dos Debugs point , have a look at a Token Curated registry.

    Am building a source of truth of crypto projects @ standardmeta.com.

    Would love to work and multiply our efforts

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      Thanks. Your idea seems interesting

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    You can find a lengthy list of ICO Trackers here, icocrow.com/product/basic.

    CoinGecko.com and CryptoCompare.com are both great price trackers.

    Here's a solid blockchain blog, https://medium.com/@mlgBlockchainConsulting.

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      Thanks for your contribution. I have updated these links to the directory :)

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    Very good work and appreciate your efforts. This attitude will take you to success. Keep solving your own problems and definitely, some one else will be having same problems and they can use what you have developed.

    Also, I would like to add, may be you should add authentication so people could create their own set of lists as well? So, there should be public as well as private collections of links?

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      Those are very encouraging words. Thank you :)

      Sure. I would explore building a private collection too. So far the product is in MVP and I am looking to attract some users.