December 3, 2018

My Side Hustle’s Journey from Boom to Bust to (Hopefully) Boom Again

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    I feel like most stories here on IndieHackers are success stories, so its really refreshing to finally read about failures (or relative failures :-)), since you can learn from them at least as much (if not more than) as from success stories. Also this post is superbly written, straight-forward & right-to-the-point approach - Kudos!

    Thank you for sharing, and good luck in all your ventures :-)

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      Absolutely agree. To be honest, I find this story refreshing - the real deal on the ups and eventual downs of business. I love the stories of success for sure, but this is a healthy dose of reality.

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        Glad you guys liked it! Hopefully we get back to where we were at before and beyond. Thanks for reading.

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          BTW don't get me wrong. Perhaps "failure" was a bit of a harsh word... I wish myself such "failures" that brings 100k's of traffic & revenues :-D

          I guess I meant something more like Zhhan said about ups & downs, and you included some other less successful projects of your, like pickle of the month (Also, I'm sort of a pickles addicts so definitely felt your on that one :-))

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            Here's to great pickles! That project taught me a ton. Fun times shipping pickles in big green tubes.

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    Hi Doug, Loved how this article was bare bones in laying down both the positives and negatives you had faced with Moving Company Reviews. Kudos to you and team.

    I just wanted to ask if you had tried partnering up with real estate websites like zillow or trulia or realtor, where they could put you up as a partner for moving? People who buy homes would need movers help all time and finding them a click away would be a giant boon to them.

    If you had already tried it out, can you let us know if it worked?

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      You bet! We did do this with, which was a competitor to Trulai/Zillow/etc. We got some traffic and a few conversions, but nothing much. People in the home shopping process aren't in the mindset to request quotes from a mover yet. It's better to hit them when they start thinking about the move - more like a few weeks after their house goes under contract.

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        We should have put people on an email drip when they were home shopping and then kept following up until they were ready to move. We never quite got around to doing that, but should have!

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    Great article, thanks for being straightforward and honest.

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      Thanks Josh! Hoping for an epic comeback story. :)

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    Very inspiring. I checked out Scripted and it looks like a great proposition. I tried signing up as a writer but after completing the sign up form, it said that you're not accepting writers from my region—India. Just curious to know if it's due to some bad experience or just a business call.

    Best of luck!

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      Thanks Arpit! Scripted - we're redoing our writer application process, so shut off applications for the time being. Should be back up soon.

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    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story @dbreaker

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      Thanks Andre!

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    Great article and insight!

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      Thanks Travis!