June 12, 2018

My sister and 5 of her colleagues lost their jobs. I want to support them and build a web service

My sister worked for a company that closed 2 weeks ago. Nadya and 5 of her colleagues lost their jobs. They are super professional editors. They all have bachelor degrees in linguistics and profound experience in editing.

So I decided to find a way to support them. I did some ​research about a content market and decided to focus on marketing agencies as they produce a lot of content for clients on a daily basis.

The hypothesis is companies which produce a lot of content for clients/itself on a daily basis might need a service for quick​ ​content​ ​checking (proofreading) before publishing.

I'm going to build a web service for text checking by our professional editors. But first, I want to validate the demand for​ ​the service by getting a few clients.

Do you need help with text checking (or proofreading) for content​ ​that is​ ​produced by your company? Let me know in comments or via email andy@audioknot.com

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    See this post - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/can-you-proofread-my-blog-post about this website - https://proofread.carrd.co/ which seems to indicate that there is quite a lot of demand for an 'on-demand' proof reading service for blog posts.

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    This sounds great idea, best of luck!

    I am a web developer so let me know I can be of help.

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    There's definitely a demand for a service like this. Good luck! You could call the company supportsys. The .io and .co are available :)

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    I think this is amazing, good luck!

    Take a look at landen.co - I'm not sure if you're technical or not but I just used them to build a landing page and can't recommend them highly enough.