December 6, 2018

My Startup is Now Worth $3

Yesterday generated it's first dollar in revenue when someone purchased a $10 job post on

Now my startup is no longer pre-money and is valued at $3 on a 3x revenue multiple.

All jokes aside, very excited for my first dollar. Didn't think it would happen so soon after launch.

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    First sale always feels the best! Cherish the moment, and get to growing that to infinite height!


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      Yeah, this is the hardest I've ever worked for a dollar but I'd do it again.

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    (Laughing!) That is awesome! Congrats!

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    Congrats on this!

    Minor thing for me was that the blue on the site quite harsh, extremely hight contrast. So that scrolling through the marketing site was not very pleasant.

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      I agree, that blue physically hurts to look at on my MBP

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        Definitely need to tone that down..

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    I'm happy for you. Your excitement is really cute.

    In a much serious manner, looks good. Great job, keep going!

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    Congratulations @suren_p 🎉

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    Congratulations - it's such a great feeling!

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    Congrats Suren! 🎉

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    Congrats Suren. You're on the way to having a great product!

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    Congratulations and All the best! :)

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      Thanks :)

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    Congratulations. In the words of Yazz, 'the only way is up'.

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    I cannot understate how awesome this is, well done. Getting from $0 to $anything is a huge leap, especially if they were unqualified and you didn't coerce them. :)

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    Nice! I made my first post-beta dollar on my latest project when I soft-launched it last week. Feels so good!

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    Congrats! Still working on mine. Can’t imagine the feeling but I’m sure it’s fantastic!!! Now to your first $1000

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    congratulations, only way is up :)

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    the name is confusing. job=get money, fire=no more money. so jobboardfire=money, no money? sorta conundrum in the same breath.. something for you to think about as you move fwd whether you want to keep the domain name.

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    few days ago my ad revenue crossed 100$ per month :) I have an app that re-publishes discount catalogs in Hungary.

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    Congrats! Now scale it up!

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    Congrats Suren.

    I saw your earlier post about this business and I think there's tons of potential there. I'm cheering for you!

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      Thanks Bryan :)

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    Make it 30 per job post.

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    I still remember my first sale. The push notification from my phone woke me up at 3am and I realized the item that was placed was out of stock. Took me an hour to go back to sleep. Congrats on your first!

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    The best moment! Thank you for sharing it!

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    Nice man! Working on my first this weekend. We'll see how it goes.