November 27, 2017

My weekend MVP: using zero code or cash and acquiring hundreds of users

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    This is awesome! Great case study and encouragement for everyone. How did you handle the payment for the service by the makers? For example, you gave them your personal Paypal link? Or...

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      Thanks a lot! Yes at first I used a simple link but the user journey was horrible and didn't seem very legit. So I recently swapped it for a typeform as the UX is much cleaner and it has built-in Stripe payment.

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        Great tip, thanks! I just checked out Typeform and played with the sample payment screen on their Help page. Looks simple enough. So I guess all you really need is a Stripe account linked to your personal bank account...

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          Correct. Takes like 5 mins to setup!

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    Well this was just a no-brainer retweet.

    And you've just reminded me to look into Zapier and Typeform.

    Cheers and AWESOME work!

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      Cheers 😀 - I had never bothered to use Zapier until now. Once you use it once you notice the possibilities of automation are endless!

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        Good to know. Cheers!

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    Thanks for sharing. In the spirit of Indie Hackers, would you mind sharing the revenue you generated in these couple of days?

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      Of course! Totally forgot to add this to the post so thanks for mentioning this. Since launch I have made £81 which excludes the Stripe fee. Cost to build the site was zero and running costs are almost zero too. Looking to make various improvements to the site in the new year to further improve the UX and value to both makers and testers!

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        Awesome, thank you for sharing! And congrats!

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    Hey thisdickie (smirk ;) ) I love both sites! Super awesome && bookmarked.

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      Actually, the link in the article redirects to IH...