October 10, 2018

Need a feedback on business Idea (side Project)

Hi Everyone,

I'm Freddy, currently IT project manager. As most of my coworkers, I used to have business trips in many cities in France, Europe, to feel lonely in business trip as well. I just had a simple idea=> As a consultant or worker you can let the platform know when you are going to travel for business. If there is another people from your company travelling at the same place and dates, we will send an email to both and propose you coffeeshop or restaurants to have fun together.

What do you think ? Ideas, recommandations ? Feel free. Thanks !!

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    Take a look at Here on Biz:


    Looks like they pivoted into something else though:


    This also sounds like a location-aware Shapr (http://www.shapr.co/), which didn't work so well for me...

    My two cents, is people don't need another app that bumps them into strangers. Hard to achieve network growth; vague value prop.

    Perhaps look for existing "distribution channels" like facebook groups, meetups, etc. and find a way to make these connections meaningful. E.g. if I'm travelling to Chicago, I want to meet other tech entrepreneurs, not random people.

    At the end of the day, the best way to know for sure is to fire up a landing page with a good value prop and promote it. It could be the next big thing :)

    Let me know if you want to chat more.

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      Thanks a lot for your feedback. Let's shape a landing page and see the results.

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    Word of warning: it's a very, very small niche. Tripit and Dopplr used to have a similar feature and basically ditched it after a while (I know because I've been a business traveller for a few years, and I'm still a Tripit subscriber). Most people travelling for work either belong to smaller orgs, where everyone knows where everyone else is at any point in time, or to huge companies where they go out in packs; there isn't much in between, a lot of salespeople and consultants simply work alone.

    It would be a bit more useful to scan your acquaintances on social networks (Linkedin, facebook, twitter), define who is where, and propose to meet when you are in town. There are people I'd love to meet when around places like San Francisco but never had the guts to ask directly; if I'd had a semi-automated service holding my hand a bit, I might have dared making the connection. In fact, I would expect LinkedIn to eventually build a feature like that, it would make a lot of sense for them. You could build it yourself and sell it to them.

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      Hi Giac,

      A huge thank for this helpful and added value feedback. I'm thinking about your idea as well.

      Kind regards,

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    Hey Freddy,

    I think Vlad's feedback was excellent.

    Just a few quick thoughts. If you are seeking to meet people from your own company, wouldn't you already know they are going to be there or is there any novelty in meeting people from your own company?

    I would have thought there would be more value in meeting external people with shared interests, such as Indiehacker meetups or similar.

    Unless someone is travelling for business for an extended period of time, 10 days plus, usually they are too busy to meet people or have their calendar filled by well-meaning colleagues or clients taking them for dinner etc. Perhaps your market might be more the longer term traveller?

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      Hi Gary, Thanks for you feedback. Regarding your question, the point is that, many time, some colleagues were in the same city to perform consulting for companies, but we didn't know we were at the same place. So I took a drink alone and went to a restaurant alone; the same for my colleague. The initial idea would be to make people for the same company have fun together, talk about the things that are going well, bad etc..The cons are more than welcome :-)

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    Sounds Alright, I think you're asking the wrong people if they like it thought, you need to ask your target customer if they like the idea and are willing to pay for it, All of us on this website could say the idea is amazing but we would all be guessing

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      Hi Grantlyk,

      Thanks for the feedback. It's the kind of advises I Need :-)

      If this product was oriented for freelances of digital nomad that are at the same place, would it be interesting for you ?

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        I mean I guess it would be a bit more interesting, but then you're starting to compete with the whole nomads brand that levelsio has going on, with nomadlist and the slack groups, etc etc

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          Yes. But honestly the intial idea is more within the same company (to make people for the same company have fun together, talk about the things that are going well, bad etc..