June 13, 2018

Need feedback and validation for my new project ideas ✌️

I currently have a couple of ideas for SAAS applications and I'm wanting some feedback to see if it is something that people would want and use.

💡Idea number 1

An interactive map of your users - The web app would create a unique URL for you and your company that would show a map displaying the location of all your users. There would be two versions of the map. One would be for a company to use internally that also showed customer details. The other version would be the same but without showing the customer details. The idea is that this could then be displayed on your website or anywhere else that you see fit such as on a TV screen in the office. It would also display the number of users and update in real time.

💡Idea number 2

Social Media Manager as a service - For a fixed monthly fee you would be able to outsource all your social media efforts. We would collect the content and come up with a content calendar for you as well as submit this.

Can you let me know your thoughts on these ideas and if you were willing to pay for a service such as these then how much would you pay?

Any advice appreciated 👍

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    #1 - around 2000 every website had such a snippet on their page. maybe because that worked as "social proof" of the website credibility

    #2 is way broader and this is something people are actually spending money and effort for, you could start small and iterate indefinitely

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      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your feedback. 😊

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    In regards to Idea 1:

    How would you make sure this is GDPR compliant? (obviously a big topic at the moment)

    How would this vary compared to using Google Analytics and having the Real-Time Traffic dashboard displayed (or another service)?

    Although on this dashboard you can also include current requests and responses (maybe on a Technical dashboard) in a way that is not overwhelming (I really like logstagia for this - http://logstalgia.io/)

    In regards to Idea 2:

    Would this also include managing direct or customer communications via Social Media (E.g. Messenger message in Facebook or a comment on a post)? - I have been caught out in the past when expecting this from a Social Media company and it being agreed but totally ignored by them and made more sense to bring it in house.

    Would any social media posts wanted to be added by the user need to go via your system so that they fit into the posting schedule (like buffer) and also be proof-read so that they all fit the same structure of writing?

    I don't mean these to sound as though I'm moaning or being grumpy just more curious about how these things would work.

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      Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback and some good questions that you have asked there. 👍

      I'll answer the best I can below.

      "How would this vary compared to using GA?"

      For a start, the design would be much prettier than Googles. It also has the ability to add other metrics that you might want to add to a customer on the map such as what subscription plan they are on, how many followers etc. The map would also be easily shareable through a unique URL that you can give to investors or partners.

      "How would you make sure this is GDPR compliant?"

      It would be up to the company who is using our service to ensure that they let their users know that their data is coming to our service. Similar to a customer using an app where the customer data is sent to something like GA. We would, of course, have our own GDPR policy too.

      "Would this also include managing direct or customer communications via Social Media?"

      Good question and something that I'd not thought too much about. Perhaps there could be different plans, one plan that included customer communications and another without. The plans could also potentially include something like 100 customer communications per month.

      "Would any social media posts wanted to be added by the user need to go via your system so that they fit into the posting schedule"

      Customers could use their own method for making additional posts that they create. They would also be responsible for checking these.