September 13, 2018

Need Feedback on Oneday Ninja

I am working on an idea called One Day Ninja. The premise is that you can hire a freelancer for one day at a time and use them as your resource to do whatever work you want them to do. The said freelancer will be accessible on skype, gchat or slack for 8 working hours a day.

My partner is coding the site and it will be live in the next 7-10 days.

As a first step I would like to test this idea. Is anyone looking to hire a freelancer to do short term design jobs ? I have several years experience in designing websites and mobile apps.

I am available as One day ninja for 99$ a day. Full refund if not satisfied.

My Dribbble:

Please share your thoughts on the idea, it will be very helpful for us going forward.

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    If your partner is proficient in Rails, I'd be happy to test this idea with him for $99 a day.

    I use Upwork frequently and am mostly satisfied, but your idea is appealing in the sense that it would save me time posting a job, fielding proposals, and starting a contract.

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      Yes, he is proficient in rails. Can you send an email to me ? I ll connect him to you. Would love to see how it goes.

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    I love the idea! But what happens with revisions and changes? It's quite common to ask for some changes during a project, sometimes that's included in the freelancer/agency fee, sometimes you pay extra money. But how is gonna be managed that here? I'll need to pay another 8 hours to ask for changes? If you can solve that issue, this could be a great business.

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      I understand and you make a very valid point here. We solved in this in our startup in the following way, we usually hired devops guys for couple of days max to help us out and guide us and after which we were pretty much set and if we needed some small help they were more than happy to get it done without charging us. But your points are very valid we ll work on figuring out how to solve it on scale.

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    I'm a bit skeptical about what can be achieved within an 8 hour period, given ramp up for both the requested task and the code base. And as a side hustler, I'd have no ability to manage/leverage that 8 hours during the work week, which would necessarily limit my use to weekends.

    I would be interested, however, if guaranteed that the job requested would be completed within the 8 hour time period. For example, I've been blazing with building and CSS is not quite as ... (smiling) crisp as I'd like it to be. I haven't the bandwidth to clean it up myself, but might be willing to pay someone to do so.

    There is something satisfying about the idea of the gig being completed within an 8 hour period. But I'd have more confidence in being able to vet and manage a contractor via the more traditional mechanisms like PPH and Upwork without the pressure of an artificially created time limitation.

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      I miscommunicated, if you think your work cannot be completed under 8 hours then you can hire the resource for more than one day at a time. The primary thesis is that one can get access to good quality resources for few days a month when they are needed and not have them on your payroll. This is something we did in our company, we got outside help to review our code sprints, help with devops etc for few days a month and these guys were people who we did not need to keep on our payroll as their services were only needed for 3 to 5 days max.

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    Not sure if a day is enough to do anything general. It takes a day to explain the idea and brain storm and get usefull work done. Even to access if the job can be done in how much time will take more than a day.

    My suggestion and i my self feel the need for is, MVP at a fixed price, lets say $1000 for a MVP. But the key is your not making what ever the user ask. U suggest him the best MVP and then make the project.

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      We do not want to be a dev shop. We wish to provide a platform where you can get access to designers and developers who you can hire for few days at a time. For example, if you want a designer to create marketing collateral you can hire them for a minimum of a day to a few days and get the work done. The thing is that they will work alongside you as your full time resource. You can keep tabs on the work, provide fast feedback and be sure that they are fully committed and working only on your project in the said time and not juggling other work. We believe that higher quality of work can be done in this case.

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        Best of luck, who m i to say if a idea is good or bad or wont work, but this is not for me. but i dont think per per day makes any sense when u can hire people for per hour anyways on sites like Upwork.

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    Hi Udaya,

    You say you would like to test this idea, yet your partner is already building it?

    You should read Lean startup by Eric Ries, or Running Lean by Ash Maurya.

    They'll save you a lot of time.

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      Hi Lenny, I have tested it offline and it worked pretty decent. Have not tested it online is what I meant.

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    Hi, @udprakash

    You said your partner is working with coding part of the site and will be ready in next 7-10 days, I think once your project will be in live mode then only guest users can check and place feedback for you.

    Also, those 8 hours are only for work or project discussion included?

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      Hey Shrill, apologies for the delayed response. Yea we ll go live in next few days. As of now we have decided it is best leave it to both parties and freelance business is all about relationship building. If the client and the ninja decide that they will exchange emails and then begin work then great if not they want to engage then discuss that would also be fine.

      Moreover, 8 hours is the minimum commitment the freelancer can always be hired for another 8 hours if required.