January 13, 2018

[Need Feedback] Sheet2Site.com - Generate a website from Google Sheet

Hi Indie Hackers,

Currently, I'm working on https://www.Sheet2Site.com

You can generate a website from Google Sheet. No coding necessary.

What kind of sites can you make?

You can make grid style sites like a collection of something with pictures and links.

Like a list of cities, events, tools, equipment, etc. Manage everything from the sheet

  • Background image

  • Title

  • Description

  • Logo

  • All content (texts, images, links)

What else?

  • Call to action button

  • Filters

  • Sorting

  • Custom domain

I hope this site can help you to validate your ideas.

  1. Please try to play with it when you will have time. I'm curious about your feedback.

  2. Any ideas about who could be the target audience?


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    I know of a major Japanese company that has a commercial software product that makes full MVC web apps out of excel spreadsheets. Madness I telll ya.

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    Think this is a cool idea.

    IMO your main problem is reaching people who want this simple grid style layout site.

    Perhaps Sports Teams and other society's are a target audience.

    I played in a football team when I was younger and one of the parents made a website with profiles of all of the players. We all loved it. Got a buzz from being on the internet. We thought we were pros.

    Your site would make this really easy to do. You could have a picture of the player and then maybe there position in the top left corner and there favourite player in the other corner (or something like that).

    Maybe add an example site of a sports team / society!

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      Thanks for your feedback.

      Like Real Madrid sports team? :)

      https://www.sheet2site.com/s/real-madrid ?

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Hi Andrey! The idea is great, and you can take it in any direction.

    What I liked most is that the idea is super clear, and described very well on the page.

    The way you do onboarding is very unconventional. How does it work for you? How many people are able to complete all 6 steps? I would suggest you to put some session recorder to see how people deal with this flow.

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      Thanks for the feedback.

      Yes, onboarding is a bit weird :) But it's not just my guessing.

      I've made it based on 7 user face to face interviews. I sit with users and observed how he (she) going through all steps. And tried to improve it 7 times :)

      What was hard (not clear) for you?

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    Hi. I'm a bit curious about the tech you used to make this. Obviously, Sheets has an API. I'm not strictly a developer, so I'll always be curious about SaaS stack, user accounts etc. Anything you care to share?


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    I find your landing page a bit confusing and filled with text. Especially your guide of the product confuses me. Maybe make the step numbers another color, so they get more clear, and some sort of separator for the steps would also be nice, so you don't mix them together. What is most confusing is step 4 and 5 are next to each other, where all the others are on top of each other.

    Another thing is the part about sorting, filters and so on. I believe it makes the boarding process longer and more painful for the customers. Maybe write a guide for each feature, so people don't have to contact you to use the features?

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      Hi, totally make sense. I fixed a bit a process. Take a look.

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    This is a great tool to have. I haven't seen any other sites doing this. You can manually do this of course. Here is an article for that: http://www.bdnyc.org/2012/08/how-to-embed-a-live-google-docs-spreadsheet-into-a-webpage/

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    Really nice, well explained.

    Features you could add as pro tier:

    • Custom domain

    • Customize each card's page. Could be a preset template, so that each page actually sources txt/img from additional info on the G sheet, instead of redirecting to an external site.

    Then you can have a real working MVP from just a google sheet.

    Idea: you could actually make a competitor to kit.com with sheet2site and market it to instagramers so that they put all their affiliate links in one simple place (eg https://kit.com/timferriss/podcasting-kit)