June 13, 2018

Need help from anyone with knowledge of developing chat using Firebase?

I am trying to develop a chat app using Firebase (similar to an absolutely basic version of Intercom) to learn it.

I have created a basic database structure in Firebase. I want someone to have a look at it and suggest me if I am on the right track.

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    I can take a look at it. Do you have a github repo or somthing?

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      No..I am at a very early stage. Can you share your email I'd or send a hi to milan84(at)gmail(.)com

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    I have quite some experience with FB but think you'd be better of just following some online tut's to be honest, I think a chat example is one of the most common FB tutorials about their RT DB.

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      I went through fewn tutorials but actually wanted to validate what I am building from an architectural pov.