February 16, 2018

Need Your feedback

Hello fellow indie hacker!

I need your feedback on my first landing page https://rankfirst.me.

I'd really appreciate if you could take a look and post a comment on how it looks like to you, if it's clear enough etc. and give me some tips for improvements.

I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have...

Thank you!

[EDIT:] Only after some answers I realized how responsive design is adding complexity to this kind of evaluations... My bad! :-P

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    I would definitely cut down on the text a bit. One thing that stood out for me is in Benefits you have nested lists of actions which make it sound like a lot of work.

    Maybe something like.

    Quick Start - Just select your products and keywords

    Immediately Helpful - Follow your rankings with our easy to use dashboard and see the effects of your changes

    Easy to Use - We provide just the data you need without burying you in tons of hard to read tables and charts so you can make decisions fast.

    You also have another list further down which restates this one in a different way I'd drop for conciseness.

    I like the design. Your call to action really stands out. You should replace the rest of them(top right, and bottom) with the same one for consistence and add one at the end of each segment.

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      Good job Shawn!

      You really have an eye for it! Its obvious I'm not a native speaker. I'll borrow your texts if you don't mind. And also follow your other suggestions. Thank you very much!

      Is my overall message/ service description clear enough? Will my potential client get it right?

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        Yes of course go for it.

        The message is clear but I'd definitely spend $20-30 to hire a copy editor just to clean up the english. It's mostly good but a few phrasings just sounded a bit off. Even as a native speaker I still do it as I make tons of mistakes myself as seen above "consistence" should be "consistency" for example.

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    First impressions:

    • Text is a bit hard to read, try tweaking font weight, font size, line height, and the font itself.

    • Lots of text, try reducing to points that can easily be digestible

    • Page feels a bit of a chore to understand what it does, I should be able to land on the page and figure out if this is something valuable to me (assuming your target audience is a Merchant who sells on Amazon). Example: Place an Amazon logo, your logo, and some type of money flying into your customers pockets because that's what your product helps with.

    Good Luck!

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      Yeah, I found the text a bit hard to read to. They grey was a little too light on a white background. Overall, looks neat though.

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      Hi Matt!

      I assume you're using a larger screen since on mobile much of text becomes hidden? Try resizing - it's responsive!

      It's always hard to have less text and not lose meaning. I wonder what would an amazon seller say?

      I'll try less text and different clearer font.

      I liked your logo idea do you know where to get one?

      Thank you!

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        In a pinch, use Upwork or Fiverr to get a designer to make something presentable. As long as the contractor has clear cut direction, this is quick to iterate and finalize on.

        Better if you have a designer friend to help you conceptualize, then use the services mentioned above to execute.

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Hi twooclock, Nice work! Looks like it will be a useful product. A few suggestions:

    • Change your title from 'Landing Page' to something else more Google friendly (i.e. 'Rankfirst.me – Track your Amazon product rank')

    • The orange text color when hovering over the Try Now button clashes with the blue

    • All mentions of Amazon should be capitalized

    • Some of the individual sections top and bottom padding looks uneven in places

    • Increase the darkness of the body text so it's easier to read.

    • I'd would try increasing the font weight on the menu text. On my non-retina screen the text is a bit jagged.

    • The steps section (1-4) should be centered or full-width

    Hope that helps, good luck with your new product :)

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      It suprises me how many good suggestions you listed. Thank you Andy! I'll follow and hopefully launch soon.

      Do you have any advice on where to find relevant audience perhaps?

      Thanks again

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        I'm definitely no expert (still learning), but I think you are lucky in that your target audience (Amazon sellers) have very active online communities you can focus on (Twitter, Reddit, forums, Slack communities etc).

        I'd build a list of influencers in each community, get in touch and make it super easy for them to try your product. Don't go with super well-known, A-level guys at the start, but focus on the B and C level. Follow up with the ones who've used it, and ask for a short testimonial for the website. With any luck, they'll talk about your product in the community, which should help build awareness about your product and hopefully get some backlinks too.

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    It looks like you're off to a good start. Here are some things other's haven't mentioned yet.

    • the contrast of the white text on orange is too low, it's hard to read the text. Maybe make the orange a bit darker, try making the font-weight higher and the text bigger.

    • i would make the over state of the "get early access" the default state because it sticks out more

    • on mobile the sticky header is very tall because the menu button falls below the logo (which is also very big on smaller screens)

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      I'll experiment with text color/weight some more to make it clearer.

      Sorry but I don't get your last point - what logo? Tnx!

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    I'll throw my 0.02¢ in. I like the overall design. I like the colors. The call to action is clearly evident.

    I'm not 100% on what you actually do (I've never run an Amazon store, I dabble with affiliate links). I'm sure people who manage Amazon Stores will be thrilled with your service.

    I'd remove the Blog option from the menu right now. The posts look like they're just test posts. Plus, the Blog page has ZERO branding.

    I'll agree with a lot of the other posts here that there is A LOT of text. Maybe have some charts or infographs? Just something to break up the constant barrage of text.

    Overall, I'd give this site a 7.5 our of 10.

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      Ups, blog is not yet supposed to be there! Thanks for pointing out.

      Otherwise I agree with everything you said.

      Let me explain:

      Service daily searches amazon store by different keywords (wich you specify) and measures where in search results your product appear (in what position).

      Not very complicated but still takes some text... and then it takes some more because I wanted to write how you use it... and why you need it...and (just to be sure not to miss someone out) added some more explanation.... that's how I ended with a ton of text! :-/ (check out mobile version, should be a bit better ?)

      Thank you Blake!

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        I did look at the mobile version. It's much more streamlined. Very good!