November 13, 2017

Need your feedback on my new side project!

Hey IH community,

I’m currently hacking together another side project and I’d love your feedback.

I’m creating a new ‘brand marketplace’. It’s called

My day job is a designer. I’ve been designing logos and websites for the last 15+ years. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at designing logos. I’ve brought a lot of domain names. Lastly, I love startups and new business ideas.

So, what to do with my branding experience and a whole bunch of domain names? Start a domain name and brand marketplace called! : )

After doing some research I realised yes, this is thing that has been done. ( and ) But, I feel like I’m in a unique position to really make something special as I have a background in design plus I’m pretty good at picking memorable, brandable domain names.

Here’s what I’ll be offering people at

Great domain names! lots of .com’s and some awesome .co’s and other popular extensions.

A professional logo to accompany the domain name in various sizes and formats.

An avatar and page head for their new Twitter profile

An avatar and page header for their new Facebook profile

Is there anything else you would like to be included in your ‘brand package’?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,


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    Really into this idea. Seen some designers do similar things as one-off projects. I'm also familiar with Brandbucket. I've done sort a similar thing before, but only marketed it in circles never set up a site to do it. One thing I've also done before is claim social media handles to go along with the domain.

    I agree with most of the feedback here on showing more on the website. I think that's critical to the success of the project. The mailing list could be something exclusive such as people on the list get first dibs on purchasing before they are listed on the site. Just a thought.

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      BK, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey BK! Thanks for the kind words. I really love the mailing list suggestion, great idea. I'm gonna try to implement that.

      After doing more research, one things for sure - you have to have quality domain names firstly, and secondly quality logo designs to really stand out. I plan to do both, I'm not gonna burn up my time doing logos for crappy domain names and brands.

      In an effort to bring some variety and quality I'm opening up the site for people to suggest their best domains for sale here

      One of the unique things about over Flippa etc is that every domain name listed will get it's own logo and brand assets. This is something that I'm hoping both buyers and sellers will see.

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    Definitely second a lot of the other feedback here, particularly showing examples of what you'd get and maybe some hints around pricing.

    One thing I did not see: Is this going to be a true marketplace, where third-parties can list their domain names and designs and you take a cut for the sale? Or is it just going to be domains/branding that you've created?

    I'm in a similar situation to you: designer with a bunch of domain names that I probably should sell rather than developing myself, so the marketplace idea sounds cool (I see both the competitor's you referenced are marketplaces). Both approaches have strengths and weaknesses, with the marketplace probably is a good more difficult to create and maintain, though certainly more scalable.

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      Dkrape, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey Darren, thanks for your time and input. I'm still building the site and yes, it will feature examples of what you get in the package, logo design, assets etc.

      The domains will be of high quality and priced accordingly as they will also include assets etc.

      In regards to my features / roadmap. I do plan to make it a marketplace... So I can launch soon I'm using my own domains and I'm designing the logos.

      I will definitely open it up to people to list their domains, I will have to figure out a system though as designing assets for large numbers of domains would be tough.

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    Incoming constructive criticism:

    This is something I could really use, but I'd like to see some inspiring examples on the landing page. The overall vibe is rather generic (especially the omnipresent launching rocket ship). If you are selling branding, I'd expect you to open with awesome branding of your own.

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      Alan, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey Alan, thank you for taking a moment to respond : ) You're right. It does need some further development. I will be working more on's brand to be more unique .

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    I'm not sure if you were after opinions about the site design, but a few things that stood out to me:

    1. The favicon looks very similar to favicon, so at first I thought it was just another blog.

    2. There aren't enough FAQ's to warrant collapsing them... just have them expanded by default.

    3. Considering you're collecting email addresses, it would be good to have a privacy policy somewhere... not that I think anyone would read it, but personally I'm reluctant to sign up for things when I can't at least see a link for a privacy policy somewhere.

    As for the idea itself... it sounds like it would be an expensive service. Perhaps only funded startups could afford it? If that's the case, how will you market it to those groups?

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      Monsiv, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey Monsiv, thank you for taking a moment to feedback. I appreciate it. Okay, I'll add a privacy policy page. Yes the FAQ does need to be fleshed out more.

      You're right, the audience isn't all folks starting a side project / business but people who are looking for convenience and speed to market which I believe people will pay for... that and good, original and brand-able domains.

      Thanks again for your time.

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    This is a great idea, just signed up!

    I think it would be helpful if you had a few examples of the package on your landing page. This would help give me a sense of the types of domains you own and what the assets would look like. Also, I'm a visual person so that will grab my attention better than reading the three blurbs.

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      Tyler, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey Tyler, I've just launched version 2.0 of my landing page. I've really started to develop the brand for now.

      Check it out when you get a moment, I think it's pretty kick ass. : )

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        Thanks for the follow up. I already have a domain and logo for my current project I'm launching this month. But I have some other things in the pipeline. I'll be sure to check out Braand!

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      Thanks Tyler! Appreciate your time and feedback. Yes I need to develop the landing page more with the brands / domain names and people will get more excited : )

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    Interesting idea. Who do you think would use this? People looking for ideas who would browse domain/logos that would help spark them? Or, people who already have an idea and are looking for a brand to fit their idea?

    If it's the 2nd one, I feel like you'd need a large selection of options, or people will have a hard time finding a match. Then again, I've seen other people sell premade logos (like

    I wonder if people who come across a lot of early stage businesses (like Angel Investors) would be a good group to show this to.

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      Bryan, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey Byan, great to hear from you. In regards to your points. I'm hoping it will be both, people that may have had a similar idea and they see a logo and domain name that matches their thoughts.

      Secondly it's a way to better market and add more value to purchasing a domain name, given they will get a logo and brand package.

      Totally understand it won't be for everyone, but I think there's a lot of value in providing a good domain name, brand package and some indication on what the domain / brand would be good for.

      Angel Investors is a great call : )

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    Like the idea (although it has been done before, as you said). I've seen several designers experience success with this as a funnel into buying their services (for logo tweaks etc).

    If you had included an example logo/branding on your landing page to give me an idea of the quality I can expect, I probably would have signed up for the waiting list...

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      Louiss, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey there, thanks for taking a moment to comment. Great feedback : ) I'm currently getting the full site together. It will feature domain names with logos so people will be able to check them out.

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    Hey again guys, thanks for all the amazing feedback, some really great suggestions. I'm in full build mode... I've made the bold claim that I will launch AND sell a domain name by the end of the month!

    Secondly, got a great domain name?

    I'm opening up to the community to suggest domain names they own and would like me to 'brand up' and sell on

    You can suggest your domain name here:


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    Obviously a bit risky, but definitely a market for this, even if people don't use the design, it justifies paying a higher price for the domain 😃

    Since you'll have done most of the hard work design wise, maybe include business cards, letter head, that type of thing?

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      Mubs, if you're starting something new this year... I've just reduced all domain name and logo packages by 50% on today!

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      Hey Mubs! Thank you for taking a moment to respond mate... I'm a fan : )

      Great point about the other assets like business cards etc.

      It is quiet labour intensive to design all the assets, so I'm gonna try to keep it quality over quantity ( number of domains ) - I have to when I'm first starting out as I'm using my own catalogue.

      As noted, I know when people are creating a new business as well as the domain they do need is logo design, and also the visuals to set up their social accounts - which is what I often do after getting my domain. Maybe I can offer the other assets as an extra bonus / package.

      Down the road I will be contacting makers about the domains they own with a view to get them on my site with brand / logo packages : )

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    I think there's a lot of value that can be added by firstly providing great new domain names, plus brilliantly designed logos and lastly brand assets that can be plugged straight into Twitter and Facebook.

    This way people don't have to find and brief a designer to design a them a logo, which can be a hassle.

    Lastly, all of the domain names and brand packages will be able to be purchased straight away, no bidding or auctions. The price of the domain names will be listed.