December 5, 2018

November Review (Revenue & goals)

Monthly Revenue - $5,571 (+$1,256)


Freelance Design: $850

Side Projects (Below): $4721


The revenue is a combination of sales from my side projects:

GrowYourClicks _ Total Revenue: $3,068 (Up $1299 from Oct)

Cooee Network _ Total Revenue: $199 (Up $199 from Oct)

MouseCrafted _ Total Revenue: $450 (Up $120 from Oct)

Desket _ Total Revenue: $802 (Up $574 from Oct)

WorkForThem _ Total Revenue: $0 (Down $99 from Oct)

Five Ideas a Day Ebook _ Total Revenue: $202 (Up $131 from Oct)



Updated Cooee Network landing page.

Black Friday Sales really helped boost my sales across Desket & GrowYourClicks

Gained 40K+ followers across my network (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook), which means a bigger audience to sell my products too. Currently sitting at 1,841,844 followers.

Added a Free new course to GrowYourClicks - 'Free lessons for social media growth.' – A FREE step by step course on how to grow on most social networks.

Started doing Instagram live stories showcasing my design process, this has really helped me sell my UI/ UX Masterclass course, I've also set up a YouTube channel where I share my live design jam stories to as another way to drive traffic back to my course, but also to MouseCrafted, Desket & WorkForThem. I have gained 470 subscribers in 2 weeks so I'm hoping for big things to come from YouTube. Time will tell.


December changes:

Keep focusing more on MouseCrafted growth - Really focus on growing my presence on Dribbble & Behance

Focus on growing my Facebook/ Instagram/ YouTube

Start pushing Cooee Network and drive more sales.

Time to redesign my own personal website using WebFlow.


As always feel free to ask any questions :) I will do my best to get back to each question as quickly as possible.

  1. 1

    I love these posts. Very inspirational, thank you. Hope to be doing these too one day when I get more than one side project up and running. And a fellow Irish man I see :D

    1. 1

      Cheers James, where abouts you based?

      1. 1

        Well I just moved back to Melbourne but was living in Dublin (originally from Longford)

  2. 1

    Hey there, I really appreciate that you openly share your revenue goals. Amazing job on the revenue from the side hustles!

    Are you planning to tell the story of how you developed all these ideas in the coming future? It would be a very interesting read and I think it will bring aspiring side hustlers to the right direction! :)

    1. 1

      Of course Jose and thank you for the comment :)

  3. 1

    I see, that you focus on Cooee quite a lot despite low revenue.

    Wouldn't be better for you to focus the energy on GrowYourClicks, since it brings most of the revenue for you?

    1. 1

      100% and TBH I do focus more on the projects that earn more $ but I still have that urge to put time into the others.