April 11, 2018

Offer IH: Help me get to 100k in monthly recurring revenue and be rewarded for it

Hey guys,

A few months ago I launched my unlimited design-as-a-service (Manypixels) on IndieHackers (https://www.manypixels.co)

Since then, we went from a few thousand dollars in sales a month to now $50k MRR . I shared everything during my journey on IH and I am so thankful to this community.

It has been a roller coaster: We learned a lot from our users, we did many good things, but many bad things too. We are improving day by day though.

A big mantra I have is: Make what customers want. But I want to take it one step further: Make what customers want WITH them.

Here is my crazy offer for IH: Can you help me improve Manypixels and our operations by being a user and directly (on a weekly basis) contributing with action al feedback on how we can get better?

What you will get :

  1. Free ongoing subscription of Manypixels so that you can build your business and get unlimited design help

  2. Inside look at the operations of my company (metrics, operations, processes)

  3. Be the "fly in the room" in our weekly sessions on Skype with project managers, designers, and the management team

What I am looking for in return :

  1. Test our processes and team to the nitty gritty by making design requests

  2. Communicate to me actionable feedbacks and improvements on a weekly basis

  3. Help us test our new dashboard and project management / tracking of tasks

--> I have 5 spots open for the position of "Indie Tester" and I will make a decision on the 15/04.

If you want to become one, tell me the following in the comments:

  1. Do you require design services?

  2. What is your experience in building companies and why do you think you could be the one chosen to help us improve?

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    I tried your service, submitted a project, took several days or week to respond and in the end nothing was done and money was refunded. This business does not make much sense to me b/c if I pay for the monthly unlimited work, i could give you 100+ hours of work, how can you ensure quality and timely delivery? I apologize for being so critical, my experience was not good and I don't think you can deliver on the needs of most startups...can anyone on IH attest to the service quality... would love to hear about it.

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    Sure why not

    1. Yes and I've been using ManyPixels for them for the last month

    2. two-fold: I've run several of my own companies, with varying levels of success (One sold, several failed, others too early to tell) across multiple verticals. I also run a consultancy for financial service and public sector enterprises where I focus on digital transformations and process automation - All in, I have a large breadth of insight into optimising companies. Worth nothing that a large part of the offering in my successfully-sold company was

    But the number 1 reason I'd be interested in this is that I've already given you feedback before (nile.frater<at>rhymeswithpmail.com) and after a month of usage, I have a fair few things to communicate already.

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      Thanks for being a subscriber and thanks for your input! Getting back to you on Sun :)

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    I'd love to as well! I've been super interested and impressed by what you guys have done with ManyPixels so far, and joined your Facebook group to learn more. So even more than the free ongoing subscription (which is amazing), I'd be interested in learning more about the operations of the company.

    I am a lawyer turned entrepreneur, and have a fulltime startup with a couple of side projects, which have varied from wildly successful to utter disaster. I like to think of myself as a product person.

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      Awesome, getting back to you on Sun :)

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    yeeeep 👋🏼

    1. I've just launch my first startup -it's an iOS app that makes voice leading 10 times faster than do it manually- and I working on another project that basically needs to create a brand. So I need design services with that two scopes:
    • iOS app for music composers

    • Help to create a brand, naming, logos, trust...

    1. Being totally honest I'm kinda of a newbie building companies. Those that I've already mentioned are my first adventures. I'll be graduating next month (C.S and Business double major) and my only related previous experience is working on a startup with 3M users...

    ...but if you need someone fresh that can add the point of view of "first time" I'm your man.

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      Thanks for your input! Indeed some fresh new eyes could be great, we are actually targeting experienced but also non experienced entrepreneurs (so all types of entrepreneurs) so could be a great idea. Coming back to you on Sunday :)

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    I'm in. I've been with Envato since 5 years, and tons of experience on digital design services. Will provide more details on Skype if possible.

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      Hey Srikanth! First of all: Thanks for having already subscribed to Manypixels and already for the advices you provided. Coming back to you on Sunday :)

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    Hey Robin! did you get back on this? Looking forward to hearing from you (I guess that all of us) :)

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      Hey Zano, I announced the winners in another thread :) Check out the bottom of that thread as there is something interesting in it ;)

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    Love your ongoing close work with the community and users!

    1. Do you require design services?

    Yes. I am finally starting my Indie Hacker Journey by going part-time at my day job. I plan to take the the spaghetti-to-the-wall approach (and see what sticks), meaning I will have several (productized) services and products from start to scratch.

    2.What is your experience in building companies and why do you think you could be the one chosen to help us improve?

    My day job is at Google consulting small and medium sized businesses on AdWords and digital marketing in general. I have literally seen hundreds of Startups and small businesses in my position there (mostly form a marketing perspective) come and go. As such I am quite good at knowing what works for them and what should be focused on (e.g. KPIs, channels, etc.).

    So besides your requested feedback I am more than happy to share my experiences with you, e.g. by advising on ManyPixels marketing efforts or online businesses in general.

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    Hey Robin, I like the approach, transparent and honest. I'm in, here's why:

    1. Yes I require design services on an ongoing basis. I run a productized consulting business for Shopify stores. My main product is a done-for-you email marketing consulting. Think email automation and newsletters management. Finding reliable designers has been an hassle. I was thinking to give a try to Manypixels a few days ago so this opportunity is more than welcome.

    2. I've been running my own consulting business for more than 2 years now and made the move to productized consulting back in September. While the idea is similar (defined scope defined price), your business remain more scalable than mine. Having said that I think there are things to learn on both side, whether it's about processes, onboarding and automating the business. Oh and the fact that we're both native french speakers might make things easier for us.

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    Do you help out with improving / coming up with good copy text too? Or do you focus on only the graphics parts and how everything looks? and the customer is to provide all textual content him / herself?

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    Thanks to everyone that took part so far, will review the submissions this weekend and announce the "Indie Testers" on Sunday!


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    1. Yes. I have to say I'm curious about your business model and how that works out in terms of results and quality vs hiring freelance designers or hiring for design positions.

    2. I started my first company about 10 years ago building websites for a niche industry. I've also worked a couple years as a lead dev for a company that helped other entrepreneurs start software businesses. More recently I've been focused on an invoicing app for freelancers.

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    HI Robin, I notice you have paying customers that gave critical feedback on ProductHunt, have you fixed those issues? There are also actionable feedback on ProductHunt from paying customers. From experience I know you will be overextending your resources if you have not focused on those customer first.

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      Hey SirMoxie :) We since improved our processes (most of it was delays in time) but you're right, our paying customers are super important.

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    1. Yes, this would be awesome!

    • I've worked as a software engineer at SalesLoft shipping product and helping to scale their services.

    • Two years ago I launched ChirpyHire which is a SaaS that helps small businesses recruit using chatbots and text messaging. ChirpyHire is self-funded and profitably paying my bills each month. I'm the sole member of the business. We've sent over 100,000 text messages and screened over 12,000 candidates.

    • I've recently launched Convo.ai (https://www.convo.ai) and would be looking for design assistance for it. Convo.ai helps B2B online businesses get started with conversational marketing through free articles, premium training products, and consulting services. Our focus is on bots built using Drift today. We are profitable.

    My mission is for Convo.ai to be the best community of B2B marketers and founders using chatbots to generate leads and grow their audience.

    With the community we'll develop more training products and productize our consulting services. All with the goal of launching a bot related SaaS for B2B SaaS businesses in the next 12-18 months.

    I think I would be a great fit for this because my background is in software engineering and sales and marketing. I've had experience running a profitable startup and working with contractors in the process. I appreciate good design and but am a novice at creating it. I'm a good communicator and work well with people. I would gladly work back and forth with you providing quality feedback on my experience throughout.

    More concretely here are some design assets off the top of my head I could use help with.

    • Convo.ai Logo

    • Illustrations for my main landing page

    • Illustrations for each bot topic and the topics overview page. Example topics include Building Your Bot, Monitoring Your Bot, Humanizing Your Bot, UX Mistakes with Bots, and more. Each topic will be a curated list of quality free articles on different components of bot building or design.

    • Illustrations for Mastering Drift premium course landing page.

    • Landing Page Design for Free Webinar on Conversational Marketing

    • Landing Page Design for Customer Case Studies Page

    • Ensuring Convo.ai site has consistent vertical rhythm across the different sections.

    • Branding. Selecting a color palette and designing business cards.

    Robin thanks for your consideration. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me.

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      Hey Harry, quick question, is your ChirpyHire homepage doing its trick to convert users? After the first scroll, it almost looks to me as I landed on of those scam looking pages that are trying to sell you an inflatable mattress for $999 or a book on how to date the perfect partner.

      I'm not trying to be a party pooper here, just in true IndieHacker style, trying to understand if that style of "homepage" still works in today's age/time? And if so, how well?

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        Hey @orliesaurus happy to field your question.

        If you read around IndieHackers and other digital marketing communities, one thing you'll find is that long form copy works for a lot of verticals. Often long form copy is called Sales Letters.

        Outside looking in, it's hard to believe they work because it turns you off. But it turns you off because you are not the intended audience for the site.

        I'm not an expert at writing sales letters but I'm believer in them and in practicing writing them. A modern twist on them is starting with a video and having the video walk through the copy you might have written on the page in the past.

        I have definitely had people in my target vertical sign up off the current marketing site. With that said, I'm not actively driving traffic to it or adding pages to increase organic SEO reach.

        Here are a few examples of sales letter style marketing pages:

        Some good resources on copy writing include:

        Let me know if I can answer any more questions about it.

        1. 1

          Thanks for the amazing reply!

          I have seen this style of pages before.. but I've never been sure they worked. Personally I would be scared to try this on my own site/product!

          Did you settle on this style because it really moved the needle or is it just a "phase" you're testing out now?

          Thanks for sharing the knowledge and best of luck with your new service! Have been dabbling with chatbots in the past and I can feel the pain of explaining the "why" there should be a bot strategy in every business that has a lot of recurring interactions with customers!)

        2. 1

          @orliesaurus I'm working on a redesign of my convo.ai site to be more in this vein as well.

          Here's a preview link of what the page is currently like: https://ibb.co/kTGtSH

          1. 1

            Looks like you're a big fan of this style - I'll keep an eye to see when it goes live but more importantely I hope this converts more than what you currently have 💪

            1. 1

              thanks @orliesaurus I appreciate it! Let me know if you ever want to talk bots!

              1. 1

                Always happy to talk bots @harrywhelchel - if you ever want feedback or anything bot related do not hesitate to send me a DM on twitter @orliesaurus (open DMs haha)

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    Hey Robin,

    I am a technical founder definitely in need of design services. I was an early employee at Twilio and saw first-hand how important design/brand was to the success of that company as it grew and successfully IPOed.

    I have built several companies and am currently building a professional network and portfolio service for developers. The design of the experience and the polish of the portfolio pages will be super important. More than happy to put in the time to provide quality feedback and help you improve!

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    Hi Robin,

    Defintely need designer work.

    Lately I've been working on launching two online casinos (not mine, but we worked as a startup- a group of only 6). Now I am looking to move to affiliates industry for casinos.

    Also, I have few ideas that could turn your business way over 100k.

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    Sent you an email!

    This is a really well crafted initiative.

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    Great offer, what time are your weekly meetings?

    1. Short answer, hell yes. I am starting a product consulting and development business so this service would be a perfect fix as I will need to offer up a variety of designs on various projects for both mobile and web applications. Plus I could use some help with my branding.

    2. I haven't built companies, but I have helped with process improvement and product development with both large companies and startups. I also can use a decade of operations experiences to provide feedback.

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    Hey Robin, Im really interested in this offer! Im soon to release my first big product and im desperate for some good design help.

    My design requirements:

    • Landing page for my crypto multi wallet app

    • Web UI for crypto app (mobile is done)

    • Help with branding, email templates ect...

    I cant offer much business building experience but I have a lot of experience with software testing and working with designers with my day job.

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    1. Yes, I started working on a new project today and I'd love to get some design work done

    2. I've built 2 startups so far, working on my 3rd one now (https://asmi.launchaco.com). I've handled small and medium sized projects and seen them to completion. Hence I understand the little details that go into a smooth workflow and a successful team. I'm currently consulting for startups, helping them get their ideas off the ground.

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    Are you looking for illustrators?

  21. 1
    1. Yes. Lots of it.

    2. I've built a. a newsletter with 8k subscribers, b. an award-winning podcast, and c. a five-figure-a-month one-person business.

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    Hey Robin,

    Thanks for letting us be part of your journey.

    1. Yes.

    2. I'm an entrepreneur and Producer living and working in California. "Silicon Beach" is my backyard and oh what a time to be here. I need design services for all sorts of projects: traditional media (film/TV/documentary) and forward-thinking storytelling techniques (AR/VR). I think I could be a good fit because of the combination of my background in media and my affinity for using technology to help humans connect in deeper, more intuitive ways. Good films do that. Good VR/AR does that. And good design does that. We're all storytellers. It's just a bit more obvious in your work and in mine.

    Cheers and thanks.

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    Hey Robin! I love your approach to continuously ask customers to take part of the development process.

    I'm also in! I'm a startup entrepreneur based in Sweden (and doing many side projects as passion). So yes, I usually design services as we do not have a designer in our team and outsourcing have been our preference so far.

    I work mostly as a product owner (following up and leading the whole development process), business development, marketing and growth (many hats like in any startup :) ).

    I have been working with many designers for a long time mostly through outsourcing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. So as you can imagine we have had good and bad experiences :)

    I studied Business Innovation and I'm quite familiarised with customer engagement with earlier stages of development. I'm also part of a network of startups here where I live, where we give feedback to each other in different areas of expertise.

    I'd love to take part of this from the customer side. Just let me know if you need any further clarification. In any case, congrats for the great job you are making with manypixels :)

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    1. Yes, need design services for a) Marketing monitorcertificates.com and b) Improving the UI.

    2. I've made multiple products in the past. I was one of the early employees of Crowdfire and then Unacademy. Some of my products are - Instagram prints for Indians (inkmat.com), a habit building app (bit.ly/get-streaks), Project management for Accountants (praconcloud.com), a mini mobile based CRM (callnotesapp.com). Plus, freelancing my services.

  25. 1
    1. Yes, I am a very strong programmer, but lack the design skills necessary to really push my startups forward.

    2. I've worked as a developer for many side project startups, so what i could bring to the table is experience is making smarter and faster services for your customers based on my usage. I would also be a non-design-experienced user who has developed a good amount of web apps and mobile apps.

    Feel free to check out my personal site: www.christophergozdziewski.com

  26. 1

    I'd like to

    1. I'm an engineer solo founder, so yes

    2. I was a franchisee for a painting business for a summer, founded and ran successful a brick and mortar language school for four years and I was an early builder at 2 YC companies. I think I could be chosen because I've asked :)

  27. 1

    I'm interested as well. I am currently working 60 hour weeks with the combination of a demanding corporate job and desperately trying to get my startup saas app off the ground. It would be a dream come true to have real help. I've been a full-time software engineer for 12 years and have always been working on webapps.

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    Im in the process of setting up my prelaunch landing page for a startup I want to start. I would love to be a fly on the wall and learn get design help while providing feedback and testing the dashboard. My experience would be from a start from scratch perspective as I have never built a startup. Which might possibly help your company with learning how with non technical founders. Anyway thanks for taking the time out to read this and congrats on the success so far.

    1. 1

      Great, and good luck for your startup :) happy to help you give some directions if it is in the service field!

  29. 1

    Robin, I’d love to help. I am in the process of launching what I hope to be a productized service....and so I do need design help from many angles and varieties.

    I’m very experienced with giving not just feedback but actionable insights and thoughts. Definitely good with testing, creative feedback, and I usually look at things from the perspective of the customer.....also....I’m great at design thinking.

    1. 1

      Thanks Shane and thanks for reaching out via email! Getting back on Sun :D

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