January 9, 2019

One post and 50 signups in 2 days - cheers Indie Hackers you beauties!

Just a special thank you to all the Indie Hackers who provided feedback to our post last week:


And a massive high-five the entire way from Ireland to those who signed up to Budibase - before we've even launched.

We are seriously overwhelmed. Thank you, and I wish you all the best of luck with your projects. If we can help in anyway, please send us an email joe@budibase.com or message us here.

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    Just checked out the site. Congrats on the progress thus far...

    What do you actually do?

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      Cheers. We're creating an app builder which will speed up the development process, take care of hosting, allow you to choose your UI, and provide you with a control centre to manage your users/app data.

      I hope that answered your question. We understand we need more technical content on the website. We meet tomorrow to discuss it.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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        By App Builder, what do you mean? Websites?

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          Hi Bart,

          We mean.. A Single Page Web application, mobile ready (PWA), with an HTTP Rest API and Database.

          Also would like to eventually be optionally pushing out to the App Stores too.


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        No problem.

        So who is it for?

        I'm a developer who regularly uses Firebase, for example. Is it for me? Or someone who is non-technical?

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          Hi Louis.

          It is for developers and less technical people (e.g. "hobbiest" developers, for want of a better term).

          I don't have alot of Firebase experience. From what i know, it is similar - in that it will allow you to build out a backend very quickly.

          However, as far as i know, Firebase concentrates on the backend. We are wanting to include the full stack. The ability to link up a user interface, which can be generated and customisable where is needs to be (we want users to be able to write components in the framework of their choosing, and drop them inside generated components).

          Im not sure if the following things are included with Firebase, but we intend to support from Day 1:

          • Relationships between models

          • User Management and User Roles

          • Data validation

          • Search

          • Plugin points via events from CRUD operations

          • Secured and named (e.g. POST /customers ) Http enpoints for all backend operations

          All this will be open source.

          So, in short, I think Firebase is a lower level, but wider set of backend features - but Budibase is more of a complete vertical.

          Hope this helps - thanks for your interest!

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    Congrats on the milestone! You might want to look at Webflow for inspiration. I've been a Webflow user for the past four years, they've done a super-awesome job so far and in the process created an amazing community which actively contributes helping other developers/designers.

    They secured relatively low funding and have been able to build on it using the revenue generated.

    It would be awesome to see Budibase become the "back-end " of Webflow.

    Good luck with the progress :)

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      So much great information with your comment. We're yet to fully examine Webflow but it's definitely something we will look into.

      We might hit you up for some insight down the line if that's ok?

      I appreciate your help Budi! Thanks.

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        Absolutely ! Always happy to help. You'll find my email on my profile :)

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    Congrats on the progress! One gripe I have with bubble is the code output, it spits out inline css which bothers me a lot and isnt very customizable. I DO want to style my own components and interface but, dont want to deal with data infrastructure hosting ect.

    I am not a system architect. tI am a designer with some dev skills and deployed apps with firebase and react. Personally, I am shopping around for a good middle ground between bubble and custom build. Waiting to see the tech details and what you guys have under the hood.

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      You've hit the nail on the head. This is exactly the use case which gave us the motivation to build Budi. We just wanted to build with freedom and with other tools we couldn't get that.

      Thanks for your feedback. I think Budibase will help you out a lot. It would be great to have you on the Beta list.

      Cheers Budi. Have a great day/night and thanks again for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it.

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        Sounds good, curious to check it out. I provided my email address on the site.

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    Marry me Joe xo