May 24, 2018

Page Flows launch and revenue numbers

I'm launching my most successful side project so far today on Product Hunt (

It's called Page Flows and it's a growing library of user flow videos to help UX designers and product people get unstuck and find inspiration.

The first purchase was made on February the 14th. At the time I was selling lifetime access, but have since switched to a yearly subscription (hence the lower sales in March and April). Traffic has mostly come from a related site of mine called UI Movement, and a couple of articles on the blog that got a lot of traffic.

Anyway, here are the revenue numbers so far:

Total revenue: $3,618

Feb - $1,182

March - $754

April - $638

May so far - $1,044

Please do check it out on PH. Let me know what you think. I'll be around all day to answer questions!

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    My only advice is that you need a homepage that tells the visitor the value prop instead of just dumping them into a page of videos

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    I really love the concept man. A self service platform for quick tutorials on your favorite apps. Bravo and keep up the good work.

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      Thanks! In terms of the homepage feedback, I tried various types and the current homepage style has converted best so far - I think (as in, I guess) it's because most of the traffic comes from a design based site of mine, so the people know what to expect.

      I should experiment with personalising the homepage based on the traffic source. If it's from a design site, keep as is, if not, explain more about what the value prop is!

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    Congrats. Nice revenue numbers.

    Could be just me, but I don't fully understand what you exactly sell (I've only glanced over your website).

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      Thanks. Yeah it's quite specialised and you'll only see the need to upgrade if you used the site. It's essentially access to videos of popular products being used.

      This is useful for UX designers and product managers who are working on a new flow and need some inspiration or ideas. I hope that helps!