May 15, 2018

Pitch me your idea or join ours. SaaS background preferred

Hello everyone! I have been lurking Indiehackers for a long time and signed up recently to connect with like minded leaders and engineers. To give you a background about myself and my team before I dive deeper, I'm in early stages of my career with ton of freelance experience with Software Development and Product Management and my partner is full-stack developer with over 9 years of experience, and currently getting his handy dirty with ML neural networks.

We have an idea of our own in social media marketing space, and are working on developing PoC to test viability of our idea by playing around with various API's and crawlers. The goal is to better understand long-term sustainability and scalability before we decide to drop the idea.

At the same time, we're open to partner with someone/team who shares love for SaaS products and has strong technical background. I'm willing to sign a NDA, and so should you before we discuss any further.

Skills required to succeed: programming(preferably full-stack) or fusion of product management and marketing, and industry experience with tracking KPI's for SaaS products.

Looking forward to hearing back from the community!


Addendum: IH community doesn't fancy NDA and I understand why. Here, I'll provide more information about our idea.

There are many MarTech companies all over the web which will allow you to do array of activities from tracking to investigating content, ideas and keywords. Now, our idea is on the same lines, but we are focusing on tiny pockets of data points to create a massive data bank, and provide our users access to this curated data using a freemium model.

For now, we are working on one social media website at a time, but as we gather more data, we intend to build a bridge between tweets, insta posts, pins and prolly fb to show what sort of copy/content/posts/images/tweets will help our users have an edge in their respective niches using predictive analysis, quantitative analysis and semantic analysis.

Programming stack: As of now, we don't have a functional front-end, and conduct most of our analysis using JS, PHP or Python paired with MySQL, depending on the language used by the open source crawler or API that we decide to use for our PoC.

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    LOL, NDAs...

    Where is the "special sauce" on your team? NDAs tell me that you think your idea is the only special sauce you have. Not to mention that you're posting/recruiting in a community that encourages exactly the opposite... open sharing and transparency about one's progress.

    In fact, when founders of any caliber ask me to sign an NDA prior to joining, I usually run the other direction.

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      I hear you. I respect your opinion, but I don’t share same values based on my past experience and there’s nothing wrong about it. Good luck!

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        No worries! Part of the fun of IH is the multiple view points that people have.

        So, maybe if you can't discuss business/marketing things, can you tell us a bit more about your tech stack? If you're looking for a technical person, that might also be a bit of help!

        Also, kudos to you for trying to validate the idea before you sink a bunch of time and money into it. MarTech is a noisy space, so it'll be great to see if your product can get above it all!

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          Updated the post with more information. Let me know if you need further clarification.

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    I'm sure you have good intentions, and I only say this to aid you in getting support from this community.

    Nobody is going to sign your NDA. Idea exchange is at the core of Indie Hackers, and an NDA is a legally binding agreement.

    It is something that requires a thorough read through, as you're potentially opening yourself up to liability. It's a lot of hassle and a very big ask, especially as we don't really know you.

    I understand you want to protect your idea, but generally speaking, most people aren't out to steal your idea - it's just not the commonly done thing.

    Most of us are working on our own stuff. If you check my profile here for example, you can see what I'm working on.

    Even if someone goes through the hassle of copying your idea. Are they going to come at it from the same angle? Are they going to execute with the same passion? Will it truly be exactly the same? Think about it.

    Check out this article on stealing ideas, I thought it was really good. Also check out this one on signing NDAs, also very good.

    Let us know if you change your stance on the NDA, I'm sure everyone would love to give you feedback.

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    To take this in a different direction someone please build one of these ideas:

    • If you copy and paste a IH link into iMessage, Courtland does this cool thing where he autogenerates images with the article title, views, and click counts. It would be great if there was an Open Graph / Social Media Meta tag as a service product especially for content heavy sites like IH.

    • Alert service if your company name shows up on HN, IH, Quora, Designer News, GrowthHackers, Product Hunt, Github, etc. so you can jump in and respond quickly.

    • Service that automatically purchases your brand domain across all gTLDs and optionally purchases common misspellings. Allows large companies to automatically protect and monitor their brand.

    • Service that allows you to enter the URL of a site and it takes a screenshot and auto generates the color palette used on the site. Perhaps auto generates an entire brand style guide.

    • Adaptive Pricing as a Service. Allow you test the demand curve automatically for your SaaS pricing by adjusting pricing on the fly by sticky session.

    • Aggregator of the price of SaaS offerings

    • Hacker First CRM with an API first user interface and fine grained and rich webhooks.

    • CryptoBulbs - A site that allows you to purchase tulip bulbs using crypto. Such crypto. So flowery.

    • FullStory for Emails

    • Flight Risk as a Service - Identify at risk accounts for churn purposes

    • Deep Fakes GIF - Use Deep Fakes AI to put your friends in viral GIFs automatically

    • Open Board Seats - A service that helps you find open board seats and get connected to local non-profits or businesses that need board expertise

    • ActBlue for conservatives

    • Happy Birthday as a Service - Manage sending birthday wishes and gifts to your SaaS clients automatically

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      Great list of ideas!

      Service that allows you to enter the URL of a site and it takes a screenshot and auto generates the color palette used on the site. Perhaps auto generates an entire brand style guide.

      I was just looking for something like this recently and came across this:, which is a great start.

      Alert service if your company name shows up on HN, IH, Quora, Designer News, GrowthHackers, Product Hunt, Github, etc. so you can jump in and respond quickly.


      Also, @nick on IH I believe recently created, which is kind of along those same lines (uses ML).

      Just in case you can use any of those today! :-)

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        I've been doing a similar research based on this post :)

        for notification service I found lots of alternatives

        Still looking into the rest of the list to base my next project on ;)

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        Thanks Dina great suggestions!

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      An absolute unit of a contribution, thanks! Are these ideas that you've collected over the years when you run into these problems or did you kind of brainstorm for a few minutes?

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        All are ideas from the last 12 months. I just put them in a trello board when they come to me so I can forget about them and move on with whatever my focus is.

        Easy to come up with superficially interesting ideas. Much harder to have the time, attention, skills, and most importantly audience to deliver one.

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          I see, thanks for sharing. That last part is very true.

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      Happy Birthday as a service... I dig this one. I can also use it to send it to clients I work with Springzo.

      There's just one problem. How do you get people to share their date of birth? What's the bes way to go about it?

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        You'd ask for it in a form either at sign up or in the user profile settings. You could just ask for date and month--not year.

        You could also have the service manage proactive outbound campaigns to get birthdays.

        I'd imagine it'd get easier once you start sending gifts / wishes out to the first cohort of users and that activity is shared on social media. If the swag is great, people will want it on their birthday.

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          Makes sense to me... Hoping someone chimes in with a service :)

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    Generally, no one should sign NDAs at this stage in a conversation. It is quite dangerous to expose yourself to lawsuits from an overly broad agreement that can be used to effectively ban someone from working in a given market.

    Also, I would say that given your statement that you are still validating the idea it feels unnecessary to be so secretive.

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      The purpose of NDA is to safeguard our interest if things don’t workout between two parties and it doesn’t prevent you from working in social media market. The purpose of doing so is we can’t have another competitior working on an exact same idea.

      We have spent ton of time working on various data points for twitter and Instagram, and letting someone steal the idea wouldn’t do justice to us. I hope this answers helps.

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        This point of view is a red flag for many people. At the very least, it shows a lack of confidence in oneself. Companies big and small publish market research all the time without fear.

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        There are many red flags going on here.

        First of all, I understand that you think that is the purpose of your NDA, but

        1. I have no idea who you are or if I can trust you at all

        2. The language of an NDA is never framed that way.

        Let's say I sign your NDA, you tell me something, and later I build something successful. If you can come up with an argument that my success is tangentially related to your idea you can sue me. I don't want to pay for or deal with a law suit even if I were to ultimately win so why should I take the chance? I also don't want to pay for a lawyer to vet your NDA ahead of time because that is expensive and likely to be of no value to me.

        Secondarily, if you can't have another competitor working on your idea then you are not going to succeed. Multiple people arrive at the same idea or pivot towards the same ideas all the time. What matters most is execution.

        Thirdly, IH represents the complete opposite of what you are doing. This is just not the community for this behavior.

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    NDA works well in restrictive industry like hardware...

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    Added more information about the project, feel free to ask further questions.

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    I m looking for a team for my project, how could I reach you?

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      My profile has my twitter handle. Give me shout on twitter and I'll provide you my personal email id.

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    @Ihaetypo you said "...I don’t share same values based on my past experience..."

    Can you share what experience led you to that position? I know many IHers responded negatively to this, but I was curious if there is something valuable behind that statement that you had to share that people might have never considered before?

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    Do you have a marketing team or someone for growth hacking?

    Can you share something that you or your team has created? Without knowing much about you, I think not many will be willing to partner and go into hassles of NDA and legal stuff.

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      I don’t have a growth or marketing team, going by my past experience on a T-shaped( funnel, i have worked from programming through to analytics.

      As of now we don’t have a front-end to manipulate the data points, but we are working on it.