July 11, 2018

Please help me to find a unique value proposition

Hey guys,

I want to build a platform where business owners can generate highly engaging and interactive courses for their products to onboard already existing customers or get new leads and turn them into happy new customers to grow their business.

I would like to do that as transparent as possible and with you together, because, well, it is supposed to be for you and right now I am trying to find a unique value proposition and would be very happy if anybody here who already uses content marketing for his or her product could take 3 min to help me with this short survey below.


Thanks. I love you all.

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    I started to take your survey, but then I stopped because the questions you are asking are so generic (reminds me of someone asking "would you like to have more money?") You won't find too many people who say no. You are not going to get any valuable answers by asking questions such as 'how important is traffic'.

    In summary, I'd like to help you out, but I don't understand your pitch (onboarding new customers is wildly different than generating sales leads). First, you need to settle on "onboarding" or "sales lead generation" as the service you are providing and then you need to sharpen your questions in the survey if you want it be useful.

    Hope this is helpful to you in some way.

    Good luck