November 8, 2018

Post Your Unused Domains Here

We all have them...

The goal of this post is to connect those with unwanted domains to those who may need one. Feel free to negotiate in the comments or somewhere else.

I'll start:

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    I honestly feel like this could be a whole devoted section on IndieHackers and a revenue generator to broker some deals

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    Cool idea to share unused domains 👍. I don't have such domains though. But nice to know where to look it for future projects 🤓. It's nice to have access to this list somewhere in a dedicated section here on IH.

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    for sale:

    f* - yes, an explicit domain name.

    1. 1 looks like a decent product. Is it not doing well?

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        Problem was that it wasn't niche enough - you end up competing against Google itself with the GSuite, as well as extremely well funded SaaS startups like Front, for something users aren't that keen to pay for

  4. 2 , i planning using this domain for bot related business,anyone want to buy it ? :)

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    Both will have stuff on them in the next few weeks I'm hoping!

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    I have one.. ""

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    Let me know if any of you like one of these, they are for sale.

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