December 6, 2018

Problem in Installing SSL

i bought SSL in Godaddy for my site , but it show as "Not secure" error still. So, I contacted the Godaddy Support and they showed me a error from "" . Below is the error message.

An image with an insecure url of "" was loaded on line: 284 of

This URL will need to be updated to use a secure URL for your padlock to return.

I changed the image and deleted those images several time but error is not fixed yet.

I will be appreciate if someone help me out!

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    Hi Ela

    To answer your question:

    You're getting a mixed content error. Basically it means your page is loading content via http:// instead of https://. If you load anything via http://, the (green) padlock will not show since the page is serving insecure content

    It's not about changing the image or deleting the image it's about making sure it's loaded with a https:// address

    You're on wordpress, sometimes wordpress can be a little bit difficult with enabling/enforcing HTTPS. I know this because I've setup and hosted a couple of Wordpress sites with SSL via (my startup)

    Make sure you've updated your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to be and that should fix it

    If not -- let me know and I'll try to help you dig deeper into what it could be

    Also any particular reason for purchasing a SSL cert instead of using something like LetsEncrypt which will get you a cert for free?

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      Wow this is worked!!! Now i can see https in my URL.

      Thanks a ton!

      Regarding of LetsEncrypt, i just know about it now, will check it.

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    You can force redirect all http traffic to https (port 80 to port 443 in technical terms) using this Wordpress plugin

    It looks like it also takes care of mixed content issues.

    Disclaimer : I don't use Wordpress and have never used this plugin (but it has high ratings) however I use this method by configuring the same setting in the NGINX web server config for all my apps.

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    Try hosting on netifly, will make ur life so much easier

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    I am not at my desktop computer but you can view your page source, then press ctrl+f and search for http:

    You have a non https linked resource of some kind. Try making a test page with little or no content on it and add stuff until it breaks. Or remove things until it works.

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      To help with this comment, this is the offending snippet

      <a href="" title="The Last Minute Blog" rel="home">
      	<img src="" class="logo-image" alt="The Last Minute Blog" />

      (note: removed additional whitespaces for readability)