November 6, 2018

Product Hunt's "Upcoming" Feature

Hey everyone!

I'm not sure how common knowledge this is, so forgive me if everyone already knows about this: Product Hunt has a feature called "Ship" that allows you to create an "Upcoming" page to begin gathering email addresses before you officially launch on Product Hunt. It's a great way to start your pre-launch phase and get a following to help you out on launch day. Obviously, the more emails you gather pre-launch, the better!

Here is what mine looks like:

Here's where you can sign up for the free tier and create an "Upcoming" page:

It's essentially a chat bot that has a short explanation of your product and allows you to begin gathering email addresses! Hope this helps!

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    They only feature the paid plans , so if you are on a free plan it's upto you to gather traffic for the page. It won't even show up on producthunt's search.

    But it's great for gathering emails and for providing social validation.

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      Yeah it's definitely not as good if you aren't on the paid plan, but it's a free feature that many people don't know about.

      If you go to someone's profile, there's a section that shows "Upcoming Products" and it shows up there!

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    I don't really like how it looks, but what are the features it gives you as a maker exactly? You have a mailing list, right? What else does it provide that you like?

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      It's nice to have a ready made landing page. I'd agree that I don't love how it looks, but at the least, it gives you a simple and quick way to start gathering emails. That's the main feature for me and a good way to build pre-launch traction.

      Product Hunt is a big marketing vehicle, especially for products aimed at the tech crowd, so when you do launch on PH, you can use those emails to gain upvotes on launch day as well.

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        Can you send emails from your Ship page to people that subscribed?

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          Yes you can! Sorry, I was validating before I commented. You can log into your Product Hunt account and send an email from the pages dashboard.

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            That's the main feature most makers are looking for I guess: collecting and sending emails 😁

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              Yeah for sure!