February 8, 2019

Pushing Past Imposter Syndrome to Turn my Passion into a Business

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    Really good story @DaniMancini.

    May I ask, as you have starting package at $2000 and assuming this is the least price your customers signed up for , then it sums up only 7 clients. Means is it true that only 7-8 clients are bringing the revenue profits upto you as $14k?

    Or is it a pure profits?

    Many thanks!

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      I have a similar question. Your site says you have over 50 writers. $14k by 50 is $280 per writer.

      How does the unlimited model work in this case? It seems a low wage for a FT writer.

      I ask as it I am interested in the service but trying to figure out how it works to deliver quality content.

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        Hey guys! Ah so firstly, writers aren’t full time - they only write on an ad-hoc basis. Each writer usually only produces one or two pieces of content per week. Definitely not paying $280 for full time work that would be awful!!

        And @biku7 to answer your question - actually one of the challenges I’m facing right now is that most clients are on a bespoke package or they pay ‘per piece’ - I only have a couple that are on one of the standard packages. So I have more than 7 clients (right now I have 5 active clients on the subscription model and the rest are paying for one project at a time (ie they’re paying one landing page, a set of ads etc when they need them rather than having a fixed amount set per month)

        Hope this answers your questions ☺️

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    Wow, this interview really inspired me!

    And I probably wouldn't have read it if I hadn't seen this quote:

    "Find something you love, and then just take a leap of faith. I guarantee you will learn more about yourself personally and professionally along the way than you will in a decade of working for someone else."

    I think I'll stick it to a wall in front of my desk so it can be a daily reminder on what I have to do. :)

    I have a question @DaniMancini, since I'm not so familiar with the copywriting niche, but I'm really interested in it because I would like to pair it with my freelance web development work.

    Let's say that I would like to deliver turnkey websites for my clients. This would mean a fully managed solution including all aspects, from technical to copywriting. I would outsource the copywriting part to someone like you or your agency.

    The question is: have you specialized for certain types of businesses/industries? What if I'm making websites for dentists or lawyers or musicians or some other specific niche? For instance, now I have a client that provides network automation services in the enterprise sector and he has been in that niche for 10+ years. How can some copywriter create content on some specific topic from that niche if he's not the expert here? Can you please help me understand this?

    Many thanks!



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      Hey Ante! Thanks for such lovely feedback, I’m really happy to hear you found it an inspiring read, that means a lot to me ☺️

      To answer your question: we have writers who are experts in different fields/ industries, and work gets assigned to different writers based on their background and skill sets. We have writers who are experienced in different specialist fields, so there’s often a perfect match with these kinds of briefs.

      Sometimes though, writers will deliver tasks in a new areas of knowledge. An experienced copywriter is not just someone who is talented at writing, but also someone who is able to absorb lots of information and research and transform it into excellent work that hits whatever their brief is. So part of being a great copywriter is also being able to write convincingly about areas you might not know intimately, but that you have researched up on.

      If you need any more info feel free to reach out!

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    Thanks for this great article Daniella :) super insightful learnings on your growth channels!

    And thanks for listing Slite in your tool stack - so great to hear its been useful for growing your business!!

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      No worries - I’ve been really enjoying using it!

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    Awesome interview.

    Sent through a first job to test the service, but overall highly impressed with Dani's responsiveness.

    Might suggest not over-worrying about a/b testing (ie building out/paying for UB) - the dirty secret on a/b testing is you need a lot of traffic for valid results. I'd spend a lot more time on your content build out, and on testing channels vs landing pages.

    But good luck!

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      Thanks @dshan - and that's really great advice!

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    Daniella, this was wonderfully written! Happy to hear that your business is doing so well.

    Your quote, "Say no to new business if you have any doubt that it will negatively impact the experience of your current clients." reminds me of some advice from Charlie Munger (thanks for the book recommendation @csallen!):

    • On attracting clients: "It's the work on your desk. Do well with what you already have, and more will come in."

    • On working with clients: "Choose clients as you would friends."

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      Thank you so much @Zeph ☺️ I hadn’t heard those quotes before, but they resonate so much with how I’m trying to build this baby. I will check out that book for sure!