November 8, 2018

Recommend a freelance logo designer?

Can anyone recommend a good (freelance) logo designer? For a charity project I support (hence the low budget).

Budget is a few $100.

There could definitely be follow on work.



EDIT: Thanks to people recommending productized services/agencies like ManyPixels. I'm sure they have their place, but for this project I'm really looking to connect with a freelancer. Thanks!

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    Hi Louis,

    I'm Junaid Ansari, co-founder at

    I appreciate the work you are doing for charity purpose. We'd be happy to support you by offering to design the logo free of any charge.

    You can reach me on with the details of your project.

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      Thanks Junaid (especially for your generous offer), this isn't quite what I'm looking for with this project, but I'll bear you in mind for future projects. Best of luck!

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    Hey Louis! I'd be happy to help.

    Unfortunately I am always so busy working that my portfolio is not that up to date, but you can see some of my work here:

    I also design and run on my own

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      Nice, thanks Matthew. I'll take a look and get back soonish.

      PS I love striptogether! (mainly for the name, but still...)

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    I used alex few times, I think he works from western europe, reasonable cost if you like his style

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    Definitely Check for freelancers that have several thousand good rate, ask for the lowest price to have the visual for 20 - 40 dollars and if you are satisfied with the visual you pay about the same amount and you have all the visual in good resolution.

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      Thanks. Fiverr definitely has its advantages but I'm looking for a bit more communication than Fiverr provides.

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    Hey Louis - I work with an awesome freelancer who has done a dozen logos for me. Happy to make an intro if you’re still looking.

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      Please! My email address is in my profile.


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    hi Louis, I'm a freelancer but I have mingled with other freelancers too much so that we decided to build And if you mentioned "a freelancer", I know what you mean. Even my team and I have argued about the pros and cons of "freelance $$$" . personally, I think you must like my gig. please get in touch with me if you do (my personal portfolio here

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    Hey Louis, if you're considering initially a small amount and then moving towards more regular, try Money back guarantee too. Highly recommend on quality.

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      Thanks Nick, this isn't quite what I'm looking for here, but I'll bear it in mind for future projects where it'd be more suitable.