December 5, 2018

Reflections on being an indie hacker

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    Inspiring post, thanks for writing down your reflections and journey so far Tigran! As someone who’s also working on a side project while working full time, it was great to be reminded that consistently working on one’s side project matters, even if it’s just for a few hours every day.

    I also liked your 4 criteria for evaluating an idea, did you just go down your list of ideas and ask yourself those questions?

    EDIT: On content/SEO, I’ve found answering Quora questions to be a relatively high leverage way to get a start with traffic and back links, though I imagine it depends a lot on the traffic/attention that your topic naturally gets. On Quora you can roughly “prioritize” which questions to answer because Quora shows the views on each answer, and answering questions requires less content. It’s also a useful testing ground for seeing what kinds of content (whether it’s about pain points or solutions) resonate most with your target audience.

    I also haven’t actually started a blog for my own project so I can’t really compare the two, but just wanted to share something I’ve learned too! :)

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      Thanks for sharing, @troyshu! I will look into Quora, I really like the platform but never thought of it as a way to get SEO benefits.

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    I appreciate the thoughts you shared but you lost me in the introduction. I believe this article could benefit from some cropping :)

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      May I know what part of the introduction was hard for you to read? Thank you!

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        I thought the introduction was too long last night. Looking now, even I don't understand why I found it boring. I guess we will never know haha

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    You're an indie hacker if you've set out to make money independently. That means you're generating revenue directly from your customers, not indirectly through an employer. Other than that, there are no requirements!

    Lol, but under that definition, Stephen King is an indiehacker!

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      He is! :)